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A look at E-cigs.

Posted in Hints and tips 14 Apr 2017

As of today, I am 2 months, without a smoke, and feeling surprisingly good. Almost like I had never smoked ! A big part of my success, I owe to the people here :) Thanks a bunch :) ! ! ! ! !

--- Here, being a quitter, is a good thing. Only 7 out of 100 do ! ---

As a curiosity, research type thing, I decided to really look at the Ecig, as a quitting aid.. Now, to be clear, I am not talking about the big, strange, VAPE craze, just the simple, over the counter cigarette replacements, as a form of NRT / habit support for quitting.. So, this past week, I bought one of the disposal ones, to give it a fair try. As a 45 year, fairly heavy, smoker, I figured I was qualified :) According to what I could find, they do appear to be safe. Some question about chemical flavoring, because of lack or regulation, but the plain nicotine appears to be VASTLY less harmful, than tobacco smoke. My idea, and if I had to go through it again, ( NO **** WAY ) I would use one of these to pacify the really hard cravings. Much like having a nicotine gum, but faster delivery. The advantage is, unlike a cigarette, you can have a puff or two, and put it away. Yes, you would have to treat it as a tool, but if your mind is not on target, some kind of plan, you are not likely to succeed anyway.. I am not promoting a switch from one bad habit to another, just a little helper to get through the hard time.. But, that being said, if you just can't, or are not willing to give up the habit, you will improve your health, and maybe even save some money by switching to them.. I'm just saying, for an option in the war on smoking, they are worth a look. They are fairly inexpensive, over the counter, and no prescription ? ?

--------- I can tell you. The taste, and sensation of it, was WAY too familiar ! Over a day, I sat and had a cup of coffee, with the Ecig, two times. These were the nicotine level of a full flavor cigarette.. I had not had nicotine in 8 weeks, and I did feel the pull to have more :) I had to get rid of it :) Now a friend, who is wanting to quit, has it ! -------

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  • Zandyness, Hunter New England April 14, 2017 | 11:27
    Three weeks today, for me. I had a pretty stressful day yesterday, and I could easily have tackled a pack last night but I held firm and I feel like I won a major battle as of this morning. Glad you got rid of it, Red. There's danger in any form of nicotine, I reckon. It's got hooks!
  • Johnnie, South Eastern Sydney April 14, 2017 | 11:52
    Hi Red i really think that vaping is really a substitute for fantasy of actually seeing smoke coming out of the mouth and at the same time giving pleasure to our brain. I have friends that vape and they believe it's healthier but they say to me even ejuice with nicotine is just a little throat hit and that it is not the same as cigarettes. I honestly think that vaping is not good...putting ejuice in your lungs. To do that i rather smoke the real thing because putting anything in your lungs apart from oxygen has not to be good for you. Also the friends i mentioned who vape are believe it or not "hooked" on vaping. Better to just quit and like you have always said "take your life back".It does become easier and gives one who does quit the confudence that he/she is in control. Good luck mate.
  • Red-67 April 15, 2017 | 3:25
    I agree. That's why I pointed out, that I was not talking about the VAPING craze think that is going around.. I am all for quitting ! The habit, and the nicotine ! But, I also believe, there is a valid place in the quitting aids for the E-cigs. Used as an NRT / pacifier, to help through the first weeks. I know, there is a good chance, I would have failed, if I had a regular job, and had to be able to focus, stay awake, and get moving. A quick hit or two off an Ecig, could really help give one that starter affect, When hit with,, GET MOVING OR GET FIRED !! It could save one from lighting up ! And, yes, like any other NRT, at some point they have to go too.. I think I would prefer it over a patch or gum. By all means, the goal is to kick the habit, and the nicotine addiction.. But, I did a lot of reading, and looking. Cigarette smoke has MANY more toxins. Nicotine is really the least of the health risks.. So, by all means, Just QUIT ! Sure ! But, if the best one can do is switch one bad habit for another, it is much better than smoking..
  • WendyOhNo April 16, 2017 | 4:56

    I'm gonna have to be the mean one by saying that I don't at all agree with using an ecig. It's going to make slipping back into smoking way too easy. Quitting as you say, isn't easy - and it's not. So few of us succeed and stay quit. I'm glad you've gotten rid of it - stay rid of it. Two months is a a fantastic start but you're not out of the woods and your willingness to try a nicotine laden ecig proves that. You are going to do this and you are going to be one of the 7%, but it won't happen if you use an ecig. Sorry I have to be so mean. I'm on Day 236 and I know that if I use an ecig, it's over for me. These almost 8 months will have been for nothing.

    End of loving lecture. 😀
  • Red-67 April 16, 2017 | 6:12
    Wendy.. :)
    I have or had no intention of using them. I am past that. But, I do think they could make a good aid, NRT, for quiting smoking. I had to try it, so I could make an honest opinion. What I am suggesting, is no different than a nicotine patch, or gum.. Hey, I am all for cold turkey.. Just make up your mind to stop.. But many would give in, without some kind of helper.. So we are not talking about slipping back. I think you just misunderstood the post.. NP,, I love you too :)
  • WendyOhNo April 16, 2017 | 7:44
    I'm just worried about ya. I don't want you to regress just because an alternative to smoking is available. I want to be an encouragement to you - even if it seemed mean.
  • Red-67 April 16, 2017 | 8:14
    Trust me girl,, If I had any doubt in myself, I would not have tasted it :)
    I am clean, and free, and plan to stay that way. It was only a suggestion for someone starting the quit.. It is not something I want at all. Maybe read the story again ? All good, We are a family here. the 6% club :)
  • Johnnie, South Eastern Sydney April 16, 2017 | 14:08
    Hey Wendy not being mean by voicing your opinion on matters that arise on this site. I am sure Red is really trying and also it is as he said...the vaping was just research and he honestly put down his thoughts.....did'nt encourage anyone to try vaping. Some of my friends are "hooked on vaping" so i am like not think vaping is helpful in quitting.On this site everyone is free to express his/her opinion .All the best.
  • WendyOhNo April 16, 2017 | 14:30
    Well, it certainly wasn't meant to be unkind, just concerned. I never likes vaping. It's less like smoking than ecigs. But, as far as vaping is concerned, I have a Facebook friend who alerted us all one evening that he was afraid he was having a heart attack. An hour later, he came back online to tell us that it was the nicotine in his vape. It's the nicotine that causes the vessel restrictions, which is why it is so dangerous in ecigs, vaping, and sadly, it's not even ideal in patches, lozenges, and gum. But, some people need these things. Is just hope that as few as possible are hooked on them for life.

    And, yes, I suppose that if you have to be hooked on vaping or ecigs for life, not having all of the other chemicals in cigs, but still having the nicotine is better than nothing.
  • Kim26 April 16, 2017 | 21:50
    Hey Red,
    I completely understood what you meant in
    your post. I know that you're trying to
    help anyone to stay quit. In Australia, the
    ecig is not TGA approved. I never wanted
    to try that method and to be honest, never
    knew what it even was until I asked
    Quitline. Quitline work in conjunction with
    the Cancer Council and other strong
    researches. Any health professional will
    always stand by that NRT not only improves
    your chances of quitting but helps people
    to stay quit. There has been much research
    about the risk of small amount of nicotine
    via NRT will not cause a heart attack, stroke,
    cancer etc etc. I'm only writing this
    because I'm concerned that people reading
    this post may freak out because it's been
    mentioned that nicotine from a vape caused
    a heart attack. The years of smoking would
    have done this. So for anyone on NRT
    please check with your health professional,
    Quitline or any other medical source
    before you freak out and return to smoking
    because it's stressed you out.
    This is my opinion, but I really think we
    should be here to help people remain
    smoke free be that by cold turkey or
    approved NRT products or medication.
    I'm going to be perfectly honest here because
    given my recent health scare, reading that
    someone had a heart attack from a smoking
    aid would have completely freaked me out
    I really don't think any of us should be
    posting such serious things like what has
    been mentioned.
    Wendy, I am by no means attacking you
    and I never want you to feel that way but
    I believe in being up front and honest and
    I truly believe your post about your Facebook
    friend has no place here because we are
    not trained medical experts. I really hope
    I don't get jumped on for speaking my mind.
    Congrats Red, you're a winner and a
    wonderful support person and congratulations
    on your wonderful effort x
  • Red-67 April 16, 2017 | 22:49
    Well I can tell you, The young woman I gave it to has not had a smoke in 5 days.
    A young, stay at home Mom of 3 young children .She wanted to quit, but could no imagine doing it without being too stressed out around the kids. So far, she is doing what I suggested. Quit smoking, and hit the Ecig when you feel you just have to have something. The plan,/ idea, is to stretch that out until you feel there is no more need. None of us agree with the VAPING craze, or want to stay a nicotine addict, but, this, used like any other NRT, can get you off smoking instantly, with almost no stress ! And yes, there should a plan to put it down too. I am working with her, as a test, and will post more details when I can.. :)
  • Red-67 April 16, 2017 | 23:01
    Oh, and Wendy, I never took it as being unkind. All good :) I just feel you misunderstood the first post.. No way am I ever going back. I will say that testing it was like having a piece of candy. Doesn't mean I have to keep the jar. :)
  • Kim26 April 17, 2017 | 10:16
    Well that's fantastic that she is 5 days smoke
    free!!! That's what it's all about at first, giving
    people the confidence to at least try. No NRT
    is going to work on it's own, you have to
    really want to give up. Who knows, one day
    ecigs may be the go here too. The reason I
    have no interest in them because strangely
    enough, I've never missed that hand to
    mouth method from the start.
  • Kim26 April 17, 2017 | 11:43
    Can I have the jar of candy you don't want haha.
    Dearest Wendy,
    Upon reading your post again, I truly
    believe that my reaction was purely
    based on your poor Facebook friend
    having a heart attack. It just
    shocked me that within an hour the
    person was treated, diagnosed of a
    heart attack and also told it was due
    to vaping (which I don't like either)
    and back on Facebook posting within
    an hour. Gosh the other night with me
    I wouldn't have had anytime to do
    that because I was constantly being
    monitored and spoken to by a whole
    I don't want to be on NRT forever
    but I'm trusting all my specialists who
    are involved in my specific situation.
    Have a wonderful day x
  • Red-67 April 18, 2017 | 4:41
    No Kim, we do not want that jar..
    For all practical purposes, I could have smoked 2 cigarettes. I don't know if they all are that good, but it was just like smoking. I had some craving for a couple days after. I would NOT recommend anyone, already into a quit to use one. I already knew, I would never be a smoker again, so I was not afraid of it. They do have a place in the tools for quitting, but not for everyone. It would take a serious plan, and the willpower to stay with it.
  • Kim26 April 18, 2017 | 7:56
    For sure Red, I agree.
    Silly you, I was joking that I wanted the jar
    of CANDY or over here we call them lollies,
    not anything to do with the ecig haha x
  • Red-67 April 18, 2017 | 9:03
    I know.. Just pulling your leg. Humm.. Do you say that down under ?
  • Kim26 April 18, 2017 | 20:49
    Haha you crack me up!! Yes we do 😃
    Crikey, you'll learn a lot of Aussie slang
    from me!
  • Red-67 April 19, 2017 | 2:58
    I love the Australian accent, and Jamaican too.
    American English is kinda dull, but then, I am a redneck :)
    Y'all just might get a hoot out of my speakin too.. :)
  • Kim26 April 19, 2017 | 14:14
    Well howdy partner!!
    Haha a redneck. Actually we nickname some
    people here rednecks also. Now I'm
    thinking that it may just be in honour
    of you 😃
    I went to America in 2003 for a
    friends wedding in Rhode Island
    and then to Wisconsin. I was like a
    little kid playing snow angels in the
    snow!!! Where I live it doesn't ever
    snow so that was a huge treat for me.
    Least I won't suffer death stick
    withdrawals if I ever return haha
  • Red-67 April 20, 2017 | 6:24
    We hardly ever get snow here, in South Mississippi, and I'm glad. Sure it's pretty,, but a pain in the but to deal with.. Question,, Are the Ecigs available there ? They should be with the tobacco products.. My friend is now over a week, smoke free, and still on the first Ecig I gave her.. She is already down to just a couple hits a day, to kill a craving.. Interesting :) I have to go write my 9 week report :) 63 days FREE ! And it was only hard for about 20 days ! I feel like a fool now, because I can see clearly.. How could I have been so stupid for so long ?? Easy,, --- SMOKING MAKES YOU STUPID --- :) :) But, We ain't stupid no mo ! We is winnin :)
  • Kim26 April 21, 2017 | 20:45
    Yeah I couldn't deal with having to shovel
    snow! To answer your question about ecigs
    here, they haven't been approved as a
    quit smoking product as there is still talk
    about the safety of them. Their words, not
    mine because I don't know enough about
    them. There was actually a TV show
    called 60 Minutes like a current affair
    show and people appear to buy them
    online or from stockists that apparently
    shouldn't be selling them. According to
    a lady that was interviewed here, she said
    right now she's viewed as a criminal
    for using them because the Therapeutic
    Goods Association hasn't approved them
    because according to them, there is
    not enough research about the safety.
    I'm also led to believe that those that do
    use them, have to abide by not using
    them in smoke free zones. If you look
    at quitting methods on this site, you'll
    actually be able to see what's available in
    Australia. To the best of my knowledge, there
    are patches, gums, lozenges and Champix.
    Hope that helped and my finger ain't sore
    for no reason haha
  • Red-67 April 22, 2017 | 3:06
    Sore fingers ?? It wasn't that long :)
    But thanks. I was just curious if they were even available there.
    That's a shame. I do think they could be a valuable option.. My test subject, is still smoke free, near 2 weeks, and still on the same Ecig, they say equal to about 2 packs. She says, she only has to hit it a few times a day, and that is going down.. :)
  • Kim26 April 22, 2017 | 11:50
    Haha I was being cheeky!
    I'm so happy for your friend! One of me best
    friends who lives in another part of Australia
    recently gave up and I asked her this
    morning how she buys them and what she
    thinks. She buys them online or shady
    tobacco stores (I think those kind sell pot on
    the side). Anyway she thinks they are great
    because she loves a drink and is missing
    that hand mouth action. She also said
    that yes, in non smoking areas you can't
    use them. I think one day they will approve
    them here. It's a bit like patches, that used
    to be no smoking at all while wearing
    a patch. Now you can use them to cut down
    on cigs etc. Some call them pre Quit patches
    and that's just marketing because the cost
    is way more. Truth is you can use any patch
    no such thing as pre Quit patches.
    I think because I've never missed the hand
    mouth action, I wouldn't use one but only
    for that reason. We are always behind here
    on making any drugs available lol.
    Haha, this feels like our secret posting
    place now LOL
  • Red-67 April 22, 2017 | 23:15
    Well, In a way it is our secret place.. Only because of the subject of Ecigs.. I did not want to push anything / my opinion, on the current board. Mostly because of the VAPING craze they get connected to, and lack of availability there... I see it as just an inhaled NRT. Used like a lozenge, or nicotine gum, with the advantage of speed. It can kill a craving in a matter of seconds... I did mention a tool, in my post, and will say what it was, only if asked.. :) It may be time to leave this secret place behind.. We have pretty well covered it now. :) Hey, I ran a game on line for some time, and I still have the chatbox.. ( ) A good place to reach your sponsor, if you need him :)
  • Kim26 April 23, 2017 | 17:20
    Haha I was kidding gosh. Agreed though, we've
    definitely covered this so no need for
    comments. Oh and the link didn't work
    but that's cool.
  • Happiness December 11, 2019 | 10:24
    Hi. Red.
    Great post. I won't respond because it just riles em up what ever i say. Talk about being close minded. They are oblivious to the fact that they are but mere tools to nicotine products manufacturers.
    I totally agree with you btw. I tried vaping, but or e-cigs, whatever....but it did not deliver the satisfaction of a cigarette. Probably that is why people take a higher dose to achieve that punch. Yet it may help those having difficulty grasping the mindset and staying free.
    I still can't bring myself to supporting something so new and perhaps harmful. As a temporary nrt...of course. My fear there of course is that they will forget the nicotine is still in control. The scary thing is that apparently vapers will feel some of the effects that we did while quitting smoking, (better health) strenghtening there belief that it is a good trade off. Only time will tell.
  • Happiness December 11, 2019 | 10:27
    I guess we were happy with nicotine being in control for decades what is another few years?
    Maybe knowing the truth they will fight back for the right to control.
  • Happiness December 12, 2019 | 3:34
    I almost apologized too but then came the attack on Pisces.
    It is hard to transcribe what happened in those hours Red. My question for why he was there was a real one, but genuine. What could we do to help if he was already happy? At the same time i don't think we want to encourage people to use vaping as a substitute for smoking without the safety factor in.
    I even conceded right from the beginning the possibility of being an Nrt....temporarily and with counselling.

    Why they would not offer reassurement that they had also beat the nicotine addiction with it is beyond me....or was....
    later it came out that they didn't care about the nicotine part. That this site was a quit smoking sight...nothing to do with nicotine.
    When i asked how they would feel if we converged on their site in numbers.(4 or 5 in an hour is abnormal here, and all vapers?) He says that anti-vapors do all the time.
    It seemed that they did nothing but dangle a carrot.
    Then to find out that vaping with nicotine is illegal in Australia.
    They had their own agenda with no middle ground. They became rude and arrogant and wanted to fight with anything that didn't bolster their view.
    I even relented with myf and that she might well be better off choosing vaping. She abused the nrts and i can usually tell by attitude who will make it and who won't. Some have surprised me though.
    AndrewCam and Rikki really should have been the ones more open and co-operative. Their attitude was uncalled for and their attack on Pisces unforgivable.
    At one point I even asked if we could work together with their support to end nicotine addiction. They had no interest in that as nicotine was not dangerous. Apparently since vaping doesn't do bodily harm then smoking nicotine was no longer considered an addiction.

    This is still a quit smoking site and i would assume people come here to do both...quit smoking and nicotine.
    When i say i quit smoking, here in Canada, maybe I should be careful not to give the impression that I am a vaper.
    Vaping is NoT smoking i was admonished.
    They kept bragging that they were smoke free, never having a cigarette in months or years, but never offered up the fact that they had also quit nicotine.
    ok. rant over.....
    I am sorry if things were misinterpreted, perhaps on both sides, I will take the information they offered under consideration and not just the vaping merits on their demeanor.
  • Happiness December 13, 2019 | 3:56
    Hi G

    :) A very clean name
    If we want to clean the world of nicotine , what would you think if i suggested that we all post on our facebook pages a link to the above. with TO THOSE CONSIDERING STOPPING SMOKING WITH VAPING AS A TEMPORARY NRT. Join a quip group and be totally free of being dictated to by nicotine. Never again have to leave in the middle of your grandchild's concert, middle of a movie or concert. Don' miss out on anything again. Learn how you've been duped and nicotine has done nothing for you but take your money and will continue to do so if you just jump to vaping alone.
    Support groups really can help. Your life may be at stake. Please join a quit Smoking /support group before just making a hasty decision.

    We promote it and save lives.... or do nothing and the need to quit nicotine is forgotten. The world is changing..... what to do...what to do....

    Evil reigns when good does nothing.

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