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Posted in Hints and tips 31 Mar 2017

I am at the end of week 6, and as one of the lucky ones, I guess, I

want to share some observations, that may help others.

What ever method you choose, when you start this fight, the most

important thing is the mindset that you WANT this.

As you can read, in my other post, I cut down over a short time, and then just quit. I had smoked an average of a pack a day for 45 years, and by day 30, had no real cravings, or want for a smoke..

I think, it's not how you do it, it is how you set your mind to it !

First get past the thought that you are giving up something good.

There never is, or was, a good reason to smoke. It does not matter how, or why, you started. What matters, is that we have let that tube of tobacco rule our mind, take our health, and our money, for too long. Teach yourself to see past the habit, and see how really stupid smoking is. We only think, or feel, that having that smoke is a good thing, because it has control of that part of our brain.

Now, no matter how we do it, we go through some weeks of the nicotine withdrawal, and the feeling of loss of routine / habit, and the depression. But, with the proper mindset, we should not be craving, or wanting for any long period of time. Feel good about being clean ! Feel good about having taken back control of your life, and your money !!


So, the point is. I don' know if I am just one of the lucky ones. Yes, I had a miserable fight for 3+ weeks, but, by the end of week 4, I felt free. I do not feel a loss, or wanting. I enjoy my coffee, my food, and my bourbon, without a smoke. When I see someone smoking, or smell smoke, it is only a reminder of how stupid I was for too many years !!

I think it is just having the right mindset, and only seeing the positive. It is something that will hurt for a while, but you get over it, and put it behind you !!

If this can help anyone, it was worth writing. You can do it too :)

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  • Johnnie, South Eastern Sydney March 31, 2017 | 19:28
    Well put together Red. I am approaching 9mths and can honestly say cravings are very far and few between. I feel good i gave up as my wheezing has disappeared and somehow breathe better. Although was expensive i gave up not for the money but for health purposes.After 52yrs at it i was getting terrible butterfly feelings in my stomach when walking and worse up hill. Thank God even that has disappeared. Doctor told me i was damaging my diaphragm and had mild copd. So, as you say....would be stupid to continue to smoke. These young people today are like you and i were....not taken good advice from elders.Unfortunately we all have to learn the hard way. All the best on your journey mate. Cheers.
  • Webbquit June 10, 2018 | 18:20
    I for some reason didn't go through withdrawal for all that long about 8 days not weeks/months that it sometimes goes on for you are right it's a mindset 45 years is a long time to say goodbye to that smoking friend and it's also good you saying you don't miss smoking when drinking that would always be a trigger especially something like bourbon. Just keep telling your story and if you get tempted you can always post on here and i know that helps. I was never actually a pack a day smoker so maybe that explains why i got through the withdrawals more faster.
  • Happiness December 13, 2019 | 17:31
    Did you know that Webber above only smoked three or cigarettes a day. His Doctor prescribed the patch. He took gum, sprays and lozenges, and finally stopped the patch...How much nicotine was he taking? He was well above what he originally smoked, no wonder he had no withdrawal. The psychological part would be minimal at only 3 or 4 a day. He got hooked on the nrt's particularly the gum and was still hooked in January 2019.
    Why do people not follow directions? Reminds me of myf. Lucky they didn't kill themselves. Some people just have no willpower or a very low tolerance for pain, or low self-esteem. They would be candidates for using vape as an NRT if they could be trusted with it.
  • Red-67 December 14, 2019 | 10:26
    Yes, Webbquit was one, of those, sometimes we just feel we can't help. I was mostly staying quiet, until this vaping thing hit the fan. When I see one, and feel that I may get through to them, I try.

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