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18 months

Posted in Quit experiences 07 Mar 2017

It is exactly 18 months since my last cigarette and the cravings are gone. The whole journey has been a roller coaster ride but the rewards keep coming. The first few months were horrendous and it seemed the cravings would never go. But this time I was determined to quit ( cold turkey ). So many upsides to quitting. No downsides now the cravings have gone. Not fooling myself though and fully aware that one cigarette would send me back. Thanks all.

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  • Johnnie, South Eastern Sydney March 07, 2017 | 12:22
    Good going Dobbin. I remember you approaching your 1 yr when i joined up. I been quit 8mths now and yes apart from the odd demon atrack it does get easier on the cravings. Good luck mate and keep at it. Cheers.
  • jenno211058 March 07, 2017 | 13:32
    Hi Dobbin, well done.
    I have just crossed the line into 17 months smoke free...
    Have had a challenge but the new me, survived it quite well.....having day surgery, once couldn't wait to get out of hospital...WHY? Just to have a smoke....
    Was quite content just to stay there an enjoy the air com........couple of weeks time have another procedure, and then in April will have some long stints between airports n airplanes......once I would of been like a caged animal, but its just staying calm n chilled out now.
  • clever girl, Northern Sydney March 07, 2017 | 18:29
    Congratulations on your great milestone of success with giving up smoking cigarettes. You are doing extremely well. You must be very proud of yourself. Everything is possible with faith & trust & belief & hope & love within yourself. Keep up the good work.
  • Dobbin March 07, 2017 | 19:34
    Thanks folks. For us all quitting smoking is such a massive big deal and cannot be underestimated. A few people here have suggested it's like losing a good friend. Those who see it through are reap the rewards though and everyday seems like a bonus.
  • Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney March 07, 2017 | 23:43
    Congratulations Dobbin. We all know that whatever words are written here, there are days which evoke lot of anguish and have to be overcome, self-belief to be affirmed and sheer doggedness to live with. The cravings leave and 90% of the days are unremarkable - but there are those days when, unbelievably, smoking seems the best option. To get through those days is such an achievement and I am guessing you have done a few. Well done!
  • Lia March 08, 2017 | 21:49
    Hi Dobbin. Have always appreciated you perspective on our very anti social, unacceptable addiction. Good to know what long term abstainers are thinking. So good to be lasting the distance.

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