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I can quit and so can you

Posted in Quit experiences 06 Feb 2017

I am 341 days without any nicotine and without a cigarette. If you are new to this site and have just decided to quit, then I recommend that you learn everything that you possibly can about your addiction. I've quit smoking in the past but this is the first time that I've combined quitting cigarettes and arming myself with knowledge about my addiction. I was with smokers today and they both knew I used to smoke - because I used to smoke with them. They both told me that I should really take a cigarette and of course they meant well.. but .. No! I resolved not to take that first cigarette. My answer to them was something like "I don't want to take the first cigarette because it will mean that I am back to smoking 40 cigarettes a day"

My advice is to stay away from the first cigarette and you will be fine. Maybe that sounds too simple but actually it is that simple. Stay away from the first cigarette! Don't do it! I've read people's testimonies here about quitting for many years and then taking the first cigarette and hating themselves for it. Most of those people fall into the addiction trap again and some of them end up smoking far more cigarettes than they did before because the addiction seems to be progressive with some of us. I am in no doubt that when it comes to nicotene my body was addicted to it. I certainly don't need to pump any amount of nicotine into my body again to revive it or should I say to screw up my bodily processes. I have to remind myself of the benefits of not smoking now and again and so for my own good pleasure and for those who are reading this I will do exactly that!

Smoking makes me breathless. As I get older, I have enough problems getting the air I need and experiencing proper circulation. Smoking makes me lazy, so I'm less likely to go for a brisk walk or even a run if I am smoker. When I smoke, my body functions with less oxygen, my heart beat increases and sometimes when I've smoked too much or too fast I can't take it because it feels like I've overloaded. I can remember nicotine screwing up my eating habits. For a start, the nicotine seems to kill my taste buds so I start looking for food that is not always good for me, simply because I need the sensation since my taste buds are so dull and can't enjoy something plain tasting. Smoking yellows my teeth, decreases the circulation in my gums and makes me have to go to the dentist more often or even avoid the dentist for fear that its so bad that its embarrassing to keep visiting the old tooth doctor.

Really! What on earth am I thinking about. Do I really want that first cigarette? Do I really want to be caught in that trap again? Let me tell you that I quit smoking and several months later experienced the biggest betrayal of my life. If anyone should have a right to smoke it should be me! Today I'm not going to smoke. I don't want to make things worse and besides, 341 days behind me and tomorrow it will be 342. Why throw the success away. Why not be proud of our achievements one day a time. Thank you my God for the grace you have given me thus far. I really don't want to smoke again. I'm so addicted and I fear falling into that trap again. Don't let me think I'm strong enough to take that first cigarette and may I continue to have a healthy fear of picking up that first one!

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  • sid.cryosis February 18, 2017 | 7:15
    Taking inspiration from this
    Man. Much appreciated.
  • manchild February 07, 2017 | 20:00
    Hi Dobbin,
    Great to see you still around here and still working it! I am crave free most of the time but yes (as you rightly said again) but also realise how easy it would be to take just one drag.

  • Dobbin February 07, 2017 | 19:47
    Well said Manchild and congrats on your 341 days. Agree with you re taking just one will undo all that work. I have been crave free for quite a while now but also realise how easy it would be to take just one drag.
    Your smoker friends were not very understanding but I suggest were jealous.
    Well done and respect.
  • Steve01 February 07, 2017 | 0:49
    Thanks Manchild for the highly insightful and inspirational post.

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