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Still tough...

Posted in Staying quit 02 Feb 2017

Hi all,

Day 158 and checking in...

It's been really tough over the past week. I have endured some really strong cravings and have almost given in (sad but true). But I fought very hard and stayed off the ciggies. Why are these intensely strong cravings still grabbing at me. I'm over 5 months now and most of the daily cravings are almost unrecognisable and then BANG I'm back on the strong cravings wagon again!!!! Will this ever stop?!

On another note, I have just used my 'non-smoking savings' to buy myself gym wear. I have not owned a pair of runners in 23 years so this was a big deal to me (lol) but the weight I have gained from giving up smoking needs to be gone.

So today, even with the huge craving cloud hanging over me, I begin kick-boxing and cross fit - which leads, of course, to discipline and more motivation.

Good luck all...

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  • Steve01 February 02, 2017 | 14:22
    Hi Crasher

    Yep, it seems the around 150 or so days super crave event may be pretty common. Here's a line of my experience with that a couple of posts ago.

    "I couldn't believe it, even at 156 days quit I am as I type having incredible strong psychological urges to smoke today despite christmas eve and christmas day being no problem at all. What tha !?!?... where has this come from !?!?"

    So you did well moving past it and rewarding yourself with something to encourage staying healthy too. We just have to stay focussed.
  • jenno211058 February 02, 2017 | 14:33
    Hi Crasher, well done on your 158 days very major achievement...unfortunately those craving pangs can get you at anytime, its a habit and a yearning your body still craves for for Nicotine, this is why habits are so hard to break and it becomes a strength of character on how you handle when the moments arise.
    It would be so easy just to give in to the habit, but remember the hard yards it has taken you to get to where you are now.
    Weight gain is an issue, but you going to the gym also gives your mind something else to ponder about.
    Please continue to report in on your progress.
  • Crasher February 02, 2017 | 14:39
    Thanks guys - I find it rather comforting to know I'm not alone in this sometimes.... no one I know personally has quit or is quitting - so I'm solo in my efforts - your words of encouragement keep me on the straight and narrow - thank you
  • Cranky76 February 02, 2017 | 19:42
    Hey Crasher, I hear you loud and clear! I went through the most horrendous cravings at just after 5 months and I mean horrendous. They passed, thank God and I've been fine since. I don't know why but I know that it happens around this time.. hang in there, I promise you it gets better..
    I've also started excercising again to get rid of the 'quit weight' after some moaning and groaning ( I can be a drama queen) I'm now loving it..
    keep strong!!!
  • Chezzel February 03, 2017 | 14:32
    Hi all so great to hear that you are still hanging in there and being strong, I am at just over 200 days whoooo yep hope you guys can believe it cos I still find it hard to believe, these cravings or the big buggers as I call them still threaten now and then, I tend to find its when I start getting a bit smug, my husband and daughter still smoke around me but I have not once given in. I am currently recouperating from carpel tunnel operation on both hands done on Wed feeling very sore tho and quite sorry for my self my hands have prevented me from exercising for almost 8 weeks and the weight I have gained is enormous but I won't let it get me down, and once wrists heal ill be back into the exercising and hopefully lose this weight. A few well meaning friends have suggested that if the weight bothers me so much I should take up smoking the poor things actually think they are helping lol big hugs all to my wonderful fellow quitters
  • Lia February 06, 2017 | 23:07
    hi Crasher. Good to get a post from you. My craving, "Margaret Thatcher" used to visit me and suggest I rewarded myself whenever I had reached a milestone in the early days. That was anywhere from start to 500 days. She was very persistent. Just as well it was not my idea because I would never say No to myself. I learnt immediately to say No to HER. Even when I was asleep she would creep int my thoughts and suggest I was chain smoking. Imagine the horror I felt upon awakening...Anyhow 618 days later, cold turkey beginnings sees me where I am today but never letting my guard down. Once a smoker, always a smoker. Just choose not to smoke.
  • WendyOhNo February 10, 2017 | 15:08
    Hey Crasher, only a week separates you and I. I quit on 22 August 2016. I've had some nasty cravings lately too. Hopefully, it'a nicotine's last hurrah. Ah well, nasty or not, I'm not giving in. I had alway prayed that I could quit by my 50's. I had hoped against all hope that I could quit by the time I was 45 - mostly because it was so expensive and the addiction owned me. Little did I know, I'd quit before I even reached 40 years old. I'm not giving that up for anything. Hang in there with me!

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