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Michael G

3 years strong and still smoke free

Posted in Quit experiences 29 Jan 2017
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It's been over 3 years since my last smoke. there were a lot of challenges on the way. death of loved ones, stress at work, life in general. all were temptations and triggers to start again and I will admit that there were a few times I bought a pack but then realized what I was doing. My housemate was and still is smoking so I just gave them to him.

I am now trying to encourage him to quit. To his credit he has tried and succeeded a few times but there were certain triggers.

anyway, the best information I can give to those who want to quit, I had a lot of mental preperation before I quit and I found it helped so much. may not work for everyone but something to think about at least.

Great page you have set up here, happy to have found this community

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1 Comment

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  • jenno211058 January 30, 2017 | 15:35
    Thank you Michael for sharing your great incentive story.
    And a very humungus congrats on 3 years on your last smoke.
    Yes we all have had some level of challenges in our lives...either before we decided to give up, or even now, ....but everyone handles situations in different ways, some cope better under pressure than others.
    Beinging mentally prepared is a great bonus in preparation in ditching the habit...
    Through being positive, determined, pig headed, it has achieved me being 16 months free from my last smoke...

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