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A new year!

Posted in Quit experiences 02 Jan 2017

Happy New Year everyone. 234 days quit here..almost 8 months and its so good to now say ....I quit last year...its now well and truly in the past for me.

I havent posted anything in here in quite a while and I have shared my experiences before, in more depth, however, I am aware there are always newer people on board here and any information is always helpful.

For the quit method was by using Champix and although it is not recommended, I only took it for a month or so (instead of the required 3 months) and weaned myself of it in my own way. That was all I needed to help me at the beginning of this journey. Again I stress, it is not for everyone and certainly not in the way I used it. I was a light smoker to begin with (although smoking for 30 odd years) and the reason I took it is because my husband is a smoker and so I found it difficult to quit without some sort of help initially.

Congrats to those of you who have quit and stayed quit and well done to those of you who are well on your way. To the beginners...good luck and keep on reading these forums, keep asking questions, chewing gum, whatever works...just keep it can do it.

If I have prompted any thoughts or questions from my experience, please dont hestitate to ask...happy to help.

Cheers :D

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  • Clare333 , Sydney January 05, 2017 | 11:57
    Hi Flora,

    Quick question.....have you found it hard stopping even though your husband smokes? Mine doesn't but I find my biggest trigger is my sister. Smoking and having drinks together is all I know. Whenever I know she's coming over I convince myself its find to have a few cigs with her. She leaves and doesn't touch them whilst I go straight back to a 20 a day.

    Love to know how you coped quitting whilst he was still smoking

    (hoping thats not to personal?)
  • Flora January 05, 2017 | 19:24
    Hi Clare. No probs, not personal at all. That was the main reason I sought the help of Champix to quit...because I knew it would be too hard to quit cold turkey with hubby smoking around me. The reason it worked for me i guess, is that Champix is designed to switch off and put off the smoking habit in your mind so as I was slowing down and the cigs were tasting and smelling fouler...hubbys smoking was also off putting, instead of alluring. In a net shell, the champix helped heaps! Can you perhaps ask you sister to be a little supportive and not bring over any cigs? Can you do something else together, go for a walk, play cards or a game or whatever else you can occupy your hands and mind.

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