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Sharon P.
South Western Sydney

You can do this!!

Posted in Staying quit 18 Dec 2016

Hello everyone. i thought i would share my story here. I'm 36 days smoke free. i just lost my brother who was only 54 years old to Stage 4 non small cell cancer. He was a smoker also. He went into the hospital November 1, 2016 and died November 23rd. It was horrific to see a person you love so much die in front of you from cigarettes.Please love yourself enough to quit. I set my quit date before he passed, for November 11. During that time i craved cigarettes but didn't give in! I hope this helps someone here. Thanks for listening.

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  • TheOldPhart December 18, 2016 | 14:16
    I am so sorry for your loss Sharon. Quitting nicotine in your brother's name is the finest tribute I can think of. No . . . quitting won't bring him back but it will likely prolong your life, which he would certainly want. Your courage in what you are doing will also provide a shining light to the rest of us and help us keep on keeping on! When my knees hit the floor tonight, I'll say a prayer that your courage is contagious. and thank you for sharing your story.

  • Chezzel December 20, 2016 | 17:02
    So very sorry for your loss Sharon, I too have lost family to cancer but it had nothing to do with smoking, I am 168 days today and still crave occasionally especially when either my husband, daughter or close friends, light up however I am determined to stay strong and not give in. This is a wonderful site and the members are all amazing and very supportive. Although I don't post all the time mainly due to poor Internet services I often read and stay very focused due to the support I get, so thank you all I know I couldn't do without you all my wonderful fellow quitters. Please all stay strong it's often harder in social situations, but I know you can all do it and stay safe will be thinking of you all. Merry Christmas and a smoke free wonderfulNew Year.

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