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How embarrassing !!!!

Posted in Hints and tips 06 Mar 2012

Okay here is my usual start I am a 40 year old male who has smoked for 26 years. The last few years as I'm a shift worker I was smoking 1 to 2 packs of Winnie blues a day. I woke up one day and just decided to stop cold turkey today has been 63 days smoke free without a slip up. The most amazing thing is I have saved $1008.00 dollars. The number is so big it doesn't even fit inside the calculator savings box properly. What has and is keeping me strong is that I openly acknowledge that I'm still a smoker who can't smoke because I'm hopelessly and totally addicted. I know in my heart one puff will lead to one smoke which will lead to one pack. So whilst I haven't changed my friends places I visit drinking habits or lifestyle. I am open and honest to everyone that knows me about living with this addiction. I have found that my friends that smoke have been totally supportive of my battle when I explain my fears surrounding my addiction. I love living a smoke free life but love controlling my addiction rather than it controlling me. On a side note went to the dentist today and got my teeth cleaned oh my god it feels so good better than I have ever felt before. I would love to say I have bought something with the money I have saved apart from coffee but am not sure where it's all gone

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  • Gayld, Northern NSW March 06, 2012 | 20:09
    Well done, I hope I can do as well as you even though I am going to use the patches.
  • Roseyk March 06, 2012 | 21:51
    That is awesome Freakboy, you should be very proud of 63 days. I'm with you, havn't saved any of the money from not buying smokes, but I'm not fussed as long as I stay off the dirty filthy sticks I don't care what I spend my money on:)
  • MickeyJ, Southern NSW March 06, 2012 | 22:04
    Fantastic Freakboy. You know yourself. I think that is 99% of the battle. Once you recognise your weaknesses you are better prepared to overcome them.

    I think I have spent twice as much money on rewarding myself as what I have saved from not smoking. But that's OK, being broke won't kill me.
  • wen, Mid North Coast March 08, 2012 | 10:55
    Awesome positive attitude, good one you...yeah I am an addict and am loving as you say controling the addiction rather that it controlling me...another thing I am loving is the thought that every day I am getting cleaner and cleaner....good idea re teeth and me too I don't know where my savings from cigarettes are going but yeah don't really care eh....congrats for you..
  • bjn March 09, 2012 | 12:53
    Well done!! You are an inspiration to others with your determination and will power - you must be very proud of yourself ;)
  • debspooner, Southern NSW March 09, 2012 | 18:10
    Good job. It feels good when you start repairing your body,mind and teeth of a good cleanse.Well done.
  • rainbow4006 June 02, 2012 | 12:33
    LOL i just had to comment on your post freakboy, i was just thinking to myself this morning, that despite me saving up to $100/week on cigs, after 51 days i have nothing to show for it, but i look around and see all the little things i have purchased to "treat" myself on giving up and see where its actually going!

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