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Jenny S
South Western Sydney

believe in yourself

Posted in Staying quit 04 Dec 2016

573 days OMG I haven't been on here for ages and there are a few that travelled with me in the 1st few months and still going strong. I went cold turkey not for health reason (or though that is a benefit) but after retiring from work I just simply couldn't see myself spending all that money $10,800.00 Yep and they have gone up again I beleive since.  There are still times I think "I need a ciggy" but this passes quickly now. I don't like the smell any more and definately a lot more social (no more standing outside,in all weather,alone for that smoke.  I can always remember reading that I had to be aware of the triggers to light up,stop seeing having a ciggie as a reward (after shopping, hanging out the washing) I can laugh now as it seems now so pathetic.  Stress,well there's a thing. How do you not stress when you have a reason to? I really thought and blamed "stress" for everything and for smoking thinking as we all do "it helps" When I gave up my son was fighting a cancer battle,smoking was my crutch, my beautiful boy lost his battle last month,I was stressed but I had learnt in that 573 days since quitting that smoking does nothing good,it doesn't help stress,it doesn't make you accepted in social situations (quiet the opposite these days).  Do it for you,feel th difference ,live life smoke free and enjoy the financial benefits that comes with it....... You can all do it......It's not easy but so worth it.

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  • Dobbin December 04, 2016 | 20:33
    Hi Jenny S. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring story. I have often wondered how I would cope on extreme circumstances and you have shown that it is possible to stay quit whatever.
    Please stay close as long term quitters seem to disappear from the forum and their experiences are so valuable.
  • Lia December 05, 2016 | 20:44
    Hi Jenny S. Maybe all those days ago I was there somewhere in the mix.
    Today I'm 555 days smoke free. You and others I started out with and have met along the way have ensured I got here. Gratitude to you all.
  • andies, Sydney December 23, 2016 | 14:50
    Thank so much for sharing. Amazing to hear that the initial riggers sound now pathetic after a long time of not smoking.. it really helps- 5 weeks for me..
  • Jenny S , South Western Sydney December 23, 2016 | 23:31
    It's tough,even now I have the flash thought" I could do with a ciggie" I think it will be always like that,it doesn't last long and I don't have any secret stash or anyone close that could let me have 1. Now I can smell a ciggie at 100 mtres,a smoker at 50 and I realised that I smelt like that, I can be in the company of a smoker and as far as I am concerned and feel I am a non smoker now.
    5 weeks is such a short time and temptations are real,you will ask yourself "can I do this" and you know the answer. I didn't think I would be strong enough,I had too much going on in my life ,too much stress with my son's cancer diagnosis and recent death. blah blah blah we all have a story but I know that I won and I am stronger knowing that I beat the habit and saved myself and $11.000.00 OMG

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