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Tee Em

Still smoke free

Posted in Staying quit 01 Dec 2016

Its 500 and something days smoke free. My profile picture is crocheting I did when I was first giving up and still really struggling. Anyway I put it in our local show and I won First Prize and Champion of Champions! I was so thrilled. It was my reward for getting away from cigarettes and all the suffering involved with getting off them.

Anyway if I can do it anyone can. I loved them so much and I didn't really want to give up and yet I still did it.

Keep your mind and your hands busy, it really helps.

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  • Crasher December 01, 2016 | 10:08
    Hi Tee Em,
    Congrats on your first prize!!!
    Your story rings true with me... Im only 95 days today but I have taken to my cross-stitch with a vengeance!!! Keeping those hands busy of the evenings (when Im not working or renovating). Maybe I'll enter my work one day and reflect on it like you :o)
    I too enjoyed smoking and didn't really want to give them up - but I REALLY wanted to overcome my health issues. Smoking wasn't creating my issues but it certainly wasn't helping them either! So I took the plunge and I feel great and Im never going back!
    Its good for us "newbies" to hear from you "long-timers" - thank you...
  • Miss lizzy December 01, 2016 | 13:35
    Congratulations tee em🤗 and thanks for your encouraging post, it helps when your starting again😎
  • Lia December 01, 2016 | 23:46
    Hi Tee Em. For 550 something days I have been visiting this site. Often a wording rings so true. You simply said " I loved them so much..." Simple but oh so true. Right up to the last month, that was my thinking. It still is. It still is for all of us. May we just remember them as if that was a lover in the past and now just deserves to be a bad memory...
  • Jenny S , South Western Sydney December 04, 2016 | 19:43
    You go girl,so proud of you. I can remember you when I started and from memory you were having a really hard time. Now look at you….no LOOK AT US!!!!!!!!
  • Tee Em, Murrumbidgee December 05, 2016 | 8:25
    Hi Jenny S, yes I was really struggling and i so didn't want to give up. I hated myself for getting on here and being so negative, that's not being a good example. But yes LOOK AT US NOW!!!! YAY!!!!!!

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