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270 days nicotene free

Posted in Quit experiences 27 Nov 2016

In the past, I went from smokes to vapes and then back to smokes again. I did not know that the real culprit was nicotene until this time round. I'm 50 years old, started smoking when I was 14 and I quit cold turkey because I'd had enough. Of course smoking has caused damage to us and one of the reasons some of us don't quit is because we think that its already bad enough, so why bother! If you had a backstabbing friend who does not stop backstabbing, would you avoid him? Some people don't avoid their backstabbing friends and are asking for more punishment and so there is the smoker who gives power every day to the back stabbing friend he puts between his lips to be gladly poisoned, thinking that he has character, while those who don't harm themselves like he does have no character. Its kinda like people who prefer the company of bad people because it makes them look more popular. When are we going to learn? Maybe today is a good day to start!!

Giving up smoking for me has not just been about giving up smoking. No! I've been rethinking my whole life and how do I do it? I guess I am on my knees asking my Maker for strength to get through the day and slowly but surely I'm finding that its true and that someone really is working behind in the background and cheering me in this endeavour, not only to give up smoking but to seek truth.

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  • Fullofhope, South Eastern Sydney November 29, 2016 | 0:05
    Good analogy - the back-stabbing friend. He/she sticks around a long time and it is both frustrating and laughable. However, reading posts like yours makes it easier for me to keep on track. And, hearty congratulations on your progress and thanks for posting.
  • Lia November 28, 2016 | 23:12
    Hi man child. Sometimes we are good at sticking our heads in the sand for whatever reason. anyone who cares about you will be cheering you on. Some of the loudest cheers will come from those on this site. As one of them, I hope you find the strength, determination & logical reasoning for turning your life around.

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