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thanking myself every single day

Posted in Reasons to quit 15 Nov 2016

WOW !!!! I've decided to check in peeps and see my progress. Still after 1660 days of not smoking, i still feel like i think about it now and then! But it's not that bad - I think about the great benefits of NOT smoking much much more . I still remember the thoughts that were running through my head approaching my give up date (on Champix) i was going to miss it, how long i was going to last (this time !)... but success nearly 5 years later. I've got a dear friend who recently survived a heart attack which prompted her to reassess her life , her health and her bad habits.... she too loves this web site and has given up for over a month now - STAY STRONG - Life is way TOO worth it - P.S my saving amount is $19,090 ! and that is very conservative too, its probably much more :)

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  • Lia November 16, 2016 | 20:57
    Hi Tige68
    5 years plus! Thanks for visiting again. The rest of us need to know there are success stories beyond a few years. No doubt many will sit up and think if someone else can do it, so can they. So if this site helped you then it is a privilege for us following in your footsteps to read of your ongoing success. Many thanks for visiting. I am up to day 530 something and have saved $11250 from the ashtray...
  • Jennybu, Sydney November 19, 2016 | 22:00
    3 weeks now & doing ok, still using patches & don't think I can do without them yet. I have really down days & have a lot of sleepless nights. Hope it gets better.

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