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Well it still won't tempt me

Posted in Hints and tips 25 Feb 2012

Well I guess this is part of the way that i'll de-stress.....why not put it into words instead of it going round in my head.

Had the stress test 3days ago and the results I got yesterday arvo....oh yeah!

Dr. in his charming little calming voice late on friday afternoon says...Trish the test is borderline so we'll need to do some more testing......hmmmmm, so what did I do?

No, I didn't reach for a cigarette or go and buy any, I walked quietly to the fridge and poured a glass of wine, went online and increased my health insurance, sat on the lounge and thought about updating my will......god i'm nuts, after 2 wines I was right.

I am really amazing myself actually, once upon a time that would have been enough reason for me to crumble and grab a cigarette and sit in depths of depression, but for some reason I don't feel like that, I know i'm alittle stressed but I haven't weakened and I'm not going too, I know how hard sometimes the last 50days have been not smoking and I'm not going back there, I'm free of the horrible things and I'll handle this in some other if at times you think it's all too hard don't give in, focus on something else and like me think how b****y unreal it is not to reach for the fags, 'cause they won't help. 

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  • Freakboy February 25, 2012 | 17:52
    Awesome willpower Trish. Stay strong
  • MickeyJ, Southern NSW February 26, 2012 | 13:01
    That's it Trish! Reach for something else at those stressful times. Just a little shot of will power. I think it's a bit like a hot air balloon. You've got to keep the burner on full bore to get the balloon inflated and off the ground, but once you're in the air, just a tap every now and then to stay up. Same with willpower. It's my day 42 and still had to tap the willpower burner a couple of times today.
  • NowaNonSmoker!, Western Sydney February 26, 2012 | 22:34
    Stay strong Trish. It's the fags that muck up our health in the first place but do we remember that? No! Amazing isn't it what a dreadful drug nicotine is. What a brainwash.
    MickeyJ you're so right. Stay strong folks. Nothings going to knock me off the wagon! Bring it on I say!
  • heart rehab, Western Sydney March 15, 2012 | 20:32
    good for you trish keep goin girl

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