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Posted in Hints and tips 06 Nov 2016

This write up is aimed at people on this site who have been qiut for over a year or so. People i can recall who post quite frequently are Dobbin and Lia. I want to ask if both of you in your quit journey experienced a form of sensation at times like breathing talcum powder and makes it difficult to take air in. I am on 107 days and been told by ex smokers that it is a form of mucus expelling through the mouth in a gaseous form. I would like to hear it from someone who has actually experienced what i described. I intend to take the matter up with my doctor but please let me know if you can assist. Thanks.

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  • Lia November 06, 2016 | 23:49
    Hi Johnnie. Can't say I have experienced what you are at the moment. Could it be that for the first time you can actually smell things? Cannot say I have experienced what you have described
  • Johnnie, South Eastern Sydney November 07, 2016 | 6:01
    Thanks Lia, only happens now and again. Let you know when i see doctor.

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