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  • shelby29

    quit for 5 months

    Posted in Hints and tips 14 Dec 2011

    hi guys the last time i was here i was asking if anyone had tried muzzstop i had no response well anyway its been 5 months now for me since i tried muzzstop it is a great procedure its like accupuncture but better results and sucess rate of staying quit i did not get a craving or a moodswing or anything this is great for people who dont have will power or dont want to quit but have to its expensi...

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  • shelby29


    Posted in Getting started 6 Jul 2011

    hi all i have tried all methods to quit but its hard when you dont have the will power to quit because i dont want to quit but i need to quit to see my kids grow up and save money so my kids dont come second before my smoking  i am looking for a quik fix i guess i have spoke to the muzzstop clinic and asked all the questions i needed to know but on all the searches i perform ii cant find any...

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