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  • hallibean

    still no smoking

    Posted in Quit experiences 13 Apr 2018

    I quit at 10 pm april has not been an easy few days LOL worth it. Still have some shortness of breath. Today I have started coughing up some (well you all know gross stuff) but I feel good, I am coughing it up and out, not inhaling it in. I have copd and I have a nebulizer and emergency inhaler if breathing gets to be a problem. so far so good, I only used inhaler once.I will m...

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  • hallibean

    day one

    Posted in Getting started 8 Apr 2018

    Exactly 24 hrs ago I became free from smoking. Not going to say it was an easy time. Had times when I thought I couldn't breath, no air. Wanted to just say forget it and light up, But read up that it is a symptom and it would pass. I believe in God, and last night I told Him, I will put this out, but you have to help me thru this...I have faith and trust that He will. That and lots of support fro...

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