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  • furs7

    If I can do this anyone can

    Posted in Hints and tips 25 May 2016

    I sont normally explain my personal life but today i will, in the hope that even if just one person gets inspired by it, it would make me happy. Today i am 18 days smoke free with the help of will power and Champix. I smoked a packet of 25's a day for the last 25 years. I smoked bongs for 14 years every single day. I smoked ice for 2 years every single day. I have been drug free for 2 years now a...

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  • furs7

    Day 11

    Posted in Staying quit 18 May 2016

    Hi all, This is my second post. Today is my 11th day of being smoke free. I am on Champix which is just an amazing pill thats helping me quit. Also i am only using about 3 nicorrette lozenges during the whole day. Never ever thought i could quit. Most of the time it feels like i never smoked b4. Occasionally i feel like a smoke but i quickly work it out my mind. Feels great to be smoke free. I h...

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  • furs7

    Need to do this

    Posted in Staying quit 9 May 2016

    Hi all, Im not the type of person that goes about telling my life story, but i just wanted to get this off my chest. My 11 year old son has been doing my head in for 4 days straight last week, telling me that i need to quit. So last tuesday i walked into the chemist and purchased the 2mg of nicorette lozenges. I gave my self no hope of quitting. Ive been a packet a day smoker for about 25 yea...

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