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  • dv8Cowboy

    No Smokes!

    Posted in Quit experiences 12 Feb 2014

    Today marks one week since I stopped smoking cold turkey.I rewarded myself with ONE cup of good coffee bearing in mind that the effective caffeine intake is double that of a nicotime bound and unavailable caffeine. Now I go on to week 2 without coffee again.I slowly seem to be feeling slightly better,my sense of taste has become more sensitive like when I was a boy!...Stubborn is the key catchphr...

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  • dv8Cowboy

    Cold Turkey

    Posted in Getting started 10 Feb 2014

    I started smoking more than 45 years ago as a teenager.I smoked 20-25 cigarettes a day.Early last Wednesday I stopped smoking cold turkey.My age is now 61 and I have C.O.P.D. (a lung disease including emphysema) and I take medications a min. six times a day to help my breathing.On some days I can hardly walk off my front steps without losing my air.Other days I can go about two km. to the river w...

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