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  • darwenn

    One year

    Posted in Staying quit 18 Jun 2020

    Well what do you know, just over 1 year ago I quit. It feels great. It was super hard but I'm so happy I stuck with it. I remember the first week or even month, it felt like years since I had a smoke, I missed it so badly. I'm guessing around the 7th month after quitting it started getting easier, I didn't think about it. I kind of forgot to think about smoking, funny. if I can do you all can do ...

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  • darwenn

    282 days

    Posted in Staying quit 26 Mar 2020

    Hi All, I haven't shared in a long time, but I wanted to let you all know that I have not smoked now for 282 days and I feel really good about it. Just 2 months ago I was still feeling like why did I do this but it was like the 7th month quit I just felt like wow I did it. Now I rarely even think about a smoke. My husband is now in the process of quitting. He's cutting down gradually and using ...

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  • darwenn


    Posted in Quit experiences 18 Oct 2019

    Today is my 1st day here in this forum. I really need to just express what I'm feeling today, my 4th month without a smoke. I'm really craving one this last week for some reason, I really don't have any friends to explain this to, they do not smoke and don't get it .The one friend I have that is a smoker just wonders why I quit. So I thought I would express my feeling and maybe I would feel bette...

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