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  • Wazza58

    One year on

    Posted in Reasons to quit 4 Sep 2019

    So tomorrow the 5th September marks one year without smoking, feel and breathe so much better these days. If I had not quit then maybe the triple bypass I had in April this year may not of happened, the fact that I was trying to improve my overall health was one of the reasons doctors went ahead. They are picky these days and will not help you if you cant help yourself. Make a choice like I did a...

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  • Wazza58

    Good health

    Posted in Reasons to quit 4 Mar 2019

    I am 58 years old and smoked for 43 years of that, smoked between 15 to 30 a day. Tried many times to give up prior without success. Was diagnosed with emphysema back in September 18 and gave up cold turkey that day. Now six months on have lost all cravings for them, even with my wife still smoking in the house and around me. Feel so much better, exercise and walk ever day to help keep my lungs c...

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