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  • Soren

    Day 12

    Posted in Quit experiences 8 Jun 2021

    Day 12 lol. I honestly didn't think I was going to make it this far. I have made a few changes since my last post, I am returning back to my normal daily routines, such as chores and outside activities. I am still not tracking my food intake, allowing myself to pretty much eat whatever I want. My plan is at my 21 day mark of quitting I will return back to the gym and start eating right again. I f...

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  • Soren

    Day 9

    Posted in Quit experiences 5 Jun 2021

    Thank you to everyone that commented on my post yesterday. I appreciate that you take time out of your day to share thoughts, experiences, and encouragement. Please note that I am not a "throw my positive energy out in the universe type of person." I want to share my true feelings, my true struggles, and hope that my honesty helps others the way that other people honesty is helping me. @Happin...

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  • Soren

    First week down!

    Posted in Quit experiences 4 Jun 2021

    First week recap: Status: Married, 3 kids(9,7,3) My wife is a non-smoker, hates that I smoke, and is pretty much taking charge with everything while I become useless and suffer through the withdraws. She's very supportive, and gave me the okay to pretty much do anything that I needed to stop smoking. I'm 32 years old. I smoke about a pack and a half - 2 packs a day. Longest time I've quit ...

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