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  • Smurffnurf

    Doing better

    Posted in Quit experiences 29 Dec 2019

    Well i am on day 5 today! 2 more days and im at one week! Since the first day, i havent slipped. Day 3 i thought i was going to go crazy since it was my first day back to work and dealing with customers. But i made it though. Still using the step one patches. Day 4 was a little easier...Thank God! The hard part is the hand to mouth motion. Has anyone else find it hard to break that one? I found ...

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  • Smurffnurf

    Getting started

    Posted in Getting started 25 Dec 2019

    Well today is day 1. Sadly i have already slipped up this morning while drinking coffee as soon as i woke up. But i did put a patch on and im going to try and keep from smoking for the rest of the day. Im more worried about going to work in 2 days. As a waitress, there is a lot of stress and triggers for me at work and as much as i would love to get rid of those triggers, i can't. Im going to hav...

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