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  • 467 days!

    Posted in Quit experiences 25 Jul 2021

    Haven’t been here for quite sometime but wanted to come back and read some of the stories! For me it’s now day 467! I don’t even keep count anymore it’s only because of the white smoking app I have. I’m here to tell those who are thinking of quoting or just freshly quit, that the hardest part is the first maybe 90 or so days, but it gets easier as time passes! Just make yourself the goal of not s...

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  • 180 days!

    Posted in Quit experiences 12 Oct 2020

    Today is my 180th day and just a few days shy of 6 months! My throat problems still bug me a bit but not as much as before! Once I got a clear diagnosis of no cancer from my ENT I started to feel better although I still have swallowing problems. In these 180 days, I will have walked 1000km soon and apart from my throat problems and cough, I feel great! If I could quit and stay quit, anyone can! I...

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  • 145 days

    Posted in Quit experiences 7 Sep 2020

    It is now day 145 for me! It gets easier and easier every day. I fact I don’t even think about it that much anymore. I do however still having some throat issues, trouble swallowing and recently I’ve been getting a lot of hiccups and on and off swollen lymph nodes under my jaw line. That has me really worried and I’ve been bugging my doctor to have me referred to an ENT. My doctor even without se...

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  • Health scare

    Posted in Reasons to quit 29 Jun 2020

    I quit smoking after 13 years of half a pack a day about 2.5 months ago! I quit because I developed a tickle in my throat and persistent cough. I thought when I quit it would go away but it sadly hasn’t and now I also get food stuck in my throat. So looking at Dr Google, it would suggest I will die from throat cancer! I talked to my doctor about it and he didn’t really give it much attention. He ...

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