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  • Rox

    Again again again

    Posted in Getting started 29 Apr 2015

    Well it was Friday again, driving past my IGA, usually I pop in and pick up some cigs and scotch. Hubby had already got the scotch so I had no need to go in, I new this, I said this to myself and was sure I would drive past the store, but ohh no in I go, 'it has been a week, you can have one' says my sub conscience. So the next thing I know I am in the store and 1 pkt in my bag and off I go home....

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  • Rox

    once again

    Posted in Quit experiences 21 Apr 2015

    Well my day is coming. have been trying to quit for years but do not seem to be able to stay away, I get to 7 weeks or 2 weeks or sometimes just a few days. I have to give up, I hate that I smoke, when I am not smoking I smell people who have just had a smoke and I think how bad it smells. I don't like being the only person in my workplace that stills smokes, I don't like that I am not strong,...

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