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  • Ritbit


    Posted in Staying quit 24 Jun 2013

    so today is 2 months and 1 day quit it has been tough i hate the smell of smoke so thats all good but its the weight gain i have put on 6 kilos in 2 months and now i have to try and shift that its all good i will because i gave the smokes so i can certainly do that its the emotional side of things too about 2 weeks ago i had ups and downs like you wouldnt beleive, i was snapping at everyone i wan...

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  • Ritbit

    smokefree for 5 days

    Posted in Quit experiences 27 Apr 2013

    I am now smoke free for 5 days and on champix for 2 and a half weeks so i am very proud of that i had a quit day of today but was tuesday i quit instead. the habit of going outside after meals especially to have a cigarette is the hardest i have been eating more which was my greatest fear, but i am getting the smoking thing gone first then i will tackle my weight usually it has been the other way...

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