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  • Rabbit

    The power of DISTRACTION

    Posted in Hints and tips 22 Jan 2012

    There was a little family problem today (No one was getting along-everyone screaming-etc-etc-you know the scenario). Anyway, after all these years of thinking I wasn't an emotional smoker...HOW I WAS SO WRONG! When the blame started heading to my end of the table along came the tears rolling down my face...then the pressure in my head....and hey presto, let the cravings begin..... ...

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  • Rabbit

    First time safe.

    Posted in Hints and tips 8 Jan 2012
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    I was 14, popular, great at sports and had excellent grades. I was always a leader and an individual until my cool, elder cousin Victory came to town. She was beautiful, witty and COOL! even more popular than me and every kid at school worshipped her. When she smoked she always looked so glamorous, she would pout her lips and form these little rings or would move the ciga...

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