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  • Ptah

    The dream is still alive

    Posted in Staying quit 1 Mar 2021

    Hi all again, thought I drop in to say hello. I am still going strong and my withdraws symptoms are almost gone. The weather has been very miserable, raining most of the time. It's given me the opportunity to walk my dogs more than usual. The dreaming is not as frequent as they were before. I feel much better overall and today when I went shopping. The store manager which I talk to sometimes came...

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  • Ptah

    Still a dream

    Posted in Quit experiences 29 Jan 2021

    Hi again, I just couldn't resist to come in here again to let some new readers know that I have completed over 1 month smoke free now. I am so happy and proud of myself and hopefully my dream will come true one day. I haven't had much craving,anger,anxiety or anything else too complain about which is a good thing. Only negative is my insomnia and find things to do during the day. The thing that i...

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  • Ptah


    Posted in Quit experiences 16 Jan 2021

    Hi all, like to share my experience with you guys. I have been a smoker and drinker since early teen. Never knew why I have been doing so. I am now approaching 57yo and have been running low on breath lately. The was that time back in 1993 when I stopped smoking for 7 years coz I had newborn baby at the time. It lasted until me and my partner split up. The stress of the time lead me back to smok...

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