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  • Paigecall

    Almost a year

    Posted in Staying quit 6 May 2021

    So nearly a year since I first posted on here hoping it would help me to quit along with nicotine patches(used for 3 months). I’m still smoke free and although I haven’t posted in so long I still find myself on here every so often reading all your stories which spur me on. Looking back I was so worried the constant nagging my brain did urging me to light up. But the days are easier, the nagging h...

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  • Paigecall

    18 days!

    Posted in Quit experiences 27 Jul 2020
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    18 days and still..NOPE! Even after a week of tonsillitis! I’m still using the patches and finding them helpful, going down to the second level of nicotine this week and slightly nervous about it. Although I no longer need them at night due to waking up feeling agitated like something is missing (that first cigarette with your morning coffee that used to seem so important!), I do struggle if I do...

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  • Paigecall

    So close to a week!

    Posted in Quit experiences 15 Jul 2020

    One day away from 1 week smoke free guys! I can’t thank those who replied to my last post enough, on my bad days I’ve gone back and flicked through the messages. And believe me considering it’s only been 6 days it feels like I’ve had 20 bad days 😫 But saying that just makes me realise how far I’ve come already, how many times I’ve told myself no and managed not to give into temptation (my partne...

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  • Paigecall

    Dreaded day 2

    Posted in Quit experiences 11 Jul 2020

    So I’m sat here eating an apple when I’d love to go and light a cigarette right now! I’ve been using nicotine patches to cut down since 06/07/20 and my quit date I set myself was yesterday 10/07/20, not because I felt the need to rush but because I found it SO easy to go from 15+ a day to just one the day before I quit, that I didn’t even enjoy! I can’t shake the cravings and the actually the thi...

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