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  • Neveragain37

    6wks smoke free

    Posted in Quit experiences 6 Jan 2021

    Finally made it to the 6wk mark. Longest 6wks of my life. I dont crave the smokes anymore🙌 but still suffering from anxiety 🤦‍♀️. I feel good for 2days, then anxiety kicks back in for day. I've had no coughing (yet) I definitely feel better then I did 2-4wks ago. I'm managing the anxiety with those natural HS health vitamins, they are definitely helping

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  • Neveragain37


    Posted in Quit experiences 26 Dec 2020

    First time posting, I quit 32days ago...feeling really good apart from the anxiety😒 and a little tension in my neck and shoulders. The symptoms were real strong the first 3wks, headache, dry mouth, anxiety, heavy chest. But now most symptoms seam to come and go. I've got my fingers crossed on feeling normal by the 12wk mark. I also find symptoms are worse around that time of the month. 🤷‍♀️

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