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  • Nailing it

    Two weeks and a bit down

    Posted in Staying quit 2 Sep 2020

    I am 16 days into my quit journey and feeling fab! As previously stated I have smoked for 20 years and only quit temporarily for a few months, or during pregnancies. Today I told my “smoking buddies” that I have joined this site and I will not take up smoking again when this baby is born and I found this really helped me cement that this time it is for good! I absolutely love the internal...

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  • Nailing it

    Junkie thinking

    Posted in Staying quit 21 Aug 2020

    I am on day four, and I have been incredibly lucky to not have any physical cravings because I am pregnant and it’s a blessing. However, I have noticed the “mental cravings”, the “junkie thinking”, that tells me “it’s so easy, you could definitely have a cigarette tomorrow and then not another”. I am so thrilled this is happening now, because for the first time ever, I am researching about “junki...

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  • Nailing it

    Let it be

    Posted in Getting started 19 Aug 2020

    Hello, I have been a long term smoker for about 20 years. I smoked on average 10-15 a day, but if I also drank alcohol, that would easily be a packet plus my normal, and I drank a lot. This is my at least 20th quit attempt. This time it is because I am pregnant; But after the baby is born if anything is like the past then I get stressed and take it back up again. I am here, writing this...

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