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  • Lsisb1


    Posted in Quit experiences 8 May 2018

    This last week has been horrible. Every turn I take I get so agitated. No one can do anything right around me. I fly off the chain at any given moment :/ I got put in my place Saturday though. I was confronted and asked what my problem was and if I couldn't work together I needed to take a day off and rest. He was right. :( I'm struggling to get past these emotions. I'll be great all day and...

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  • Lsisb1

    Quitting after 43 years

    Posted in Getting started 8 May 2018

    It's been 43 years of smoking. I've tried quitting umpteen times and failed miserably every time. The time before this I quit for 6 months and bam I started up again. :( This time I had a health scare, I got really sick with a cold/flu and went to the doctors several times because I couldn't kick it. So I asked for an x-ray of my lungs to see if maybe I had pneumonia. The results of the x-ray wer...

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