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  • Juniper1221

    1 week down!!!!

    Posted in Quit experiences 23 Sep 2018

    Made it 1 week today and I think what helped the most was a positive attitude and staying in the moment. Keeping my focus on the day before me and not worrying about tomorrow, next week, next month, or a year from now. I know I just need to enjoy the day at hand and not smoke on this day. When I look to far ahead I panic and get overwhelmed. Anyway very excited to have made it a week and will...

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  • Juniper1221

    Day 2

    Posted in Quit experiences 17 Sep 2018

    On day 2 today. I have struggled terribly with getting a long term quit, I usually last a few days then when it gets too tough I cave and get cigs. So frustrated with myself and this addiction. I'm hoping with the support of other quitters I can finally free myself from this awful addiction. Looking for support and looking to give support to others.

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