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  • Joyus

    Morning routine

    Posted in Staying quit 10 Apr 2019

    Changed my morning routine in which I find the hardest. Instead of waking up having a cuppa and cig first thing which I used to do. Today I jumped in the shower stuck a patch on quick mist spray had a healthy smoorhie & went out for a brisk walk with the dog. Feeling ENERGIZED. Tomorrow I'm back in work any advice I would be grateful majority are smokers. X

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  • Joyus

    DAY 2

    Posted in Getting started 9 Apr 2019

    Im on day 2 not smoking, using nicotine patches and quick mist mouth spray. I've had numerous failed attempts over the 22 years of smoking, always cold turkey which was miserable for myself and everyone around me. The patches seem to help, don't feel so edgy. I've been planning this quit day for some time I've put my name down for half marathon at the end of the year so have a focus. Just wan...

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