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  • Grimbling

    Day 38

    Posted in Quit experiences 4 Feb 2019

    I’ve made Day 38; it was too distant to even see on Day 1 but it’s here despite the Day 31 drama. On Day 31 I’d determined that I was smoke free and was going to be so for the rest of my life. I most definitely wasn’t nicotine free though; I’d used NRT (lozenges) to get me smoke free and was still feeding my nicotine addiction with them. The suggestions I got from this forum ranged from bein...

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  • Grimbling

    Winning the battle

    Posted in Quit experiences 27 Jan 2019

    Hi everyone; here’s my update. Smoke free for 31 days now, and the general health improvements are noticeable. Week 3 was torture, and I’m still amazed at how I got through it. Since the end of that week, though, the cravings to have a cigarette are happening less often and with less intensity. Like so many on here I was in despair at times; all but ready to light up again because nothing see...

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  • Grimbling

    The continuing battle

    Posted in Quit experiences 18 Jan 2019

    It’s day 21. I’d imagined that the first 2 to 3 weeks would be the worst and although they weren’t easy, they were manageable; when what felt like a nicotine craving came along, I curbed it with 4mgm nicotine lozenges. Then, a few days back, the nicotine demon changed tact and started playing with my mind. After finishing the evening meal, for example, a pleasant feeling occurred as a vision ca...

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  • Grimbling

    The battle

    Posted in Quit experiences 8 Jan 2019

    So many heartening stories here that seem like an almost impossible dream at the moment. After 35 odd years as a smoker I'm only into day 11 of quitting. I just don't want to smoke any more. Whatever perceived pleasures I once might have from it have long gone; now, it's a habit. No, an addiction. I don't want to be addicted to cigarettes any more but they've got a hold on me and it really is...

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