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  • Evergreen

    How to eat more.

    Posted in Hints and tips 13 Jan 2021
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    So far 8 days which is great. Lots of quitters seem to want to eat but I have the opposite effect I don’t feel like eating. Don’t get me wrong am eating my 3 meals because I have to. Yes have just got back into yoga and the gym. I have always been thin but would love to gain about 6 kilos. How many times have I heard “ just eat more”. Trying but I guess it will take time. It just goes to s...

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  • Evergreen

    Serial quitter

    Posted in Getting started 12 Jan 2021

    2020 was my quit year and yes it was the whole year. I would start day 1 then by day 3 I would be really struggling so why not just have a couple of puffs to get through. Wrong because then it would be more puffs Back to day one and this pattern would be over and over again. Now in 2021 once again day 1 again but am at day 7 finally did get some nrt gum and have a couple a day so far so good. I...

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