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  • Chance123

    Starting again

    Posted in Getting started 19 Apr 2021

    So after several relapses, I’ve taken time to think, reflect and have decided to start my quit date over again. I am ready for a new day 1 of N.O.P.E and am determined to stay away this time. My triggers seem to be straight after work, I go to a shop, buy a pack and then Chuck them away as soon as I’m home and have smoked 2-3. I am so over it. Over my addiction ruling my life, making me feel...

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  • Chance123

    Day 5 going strong

    Posted in Getting started 4 Apr 2020

    I am 25 now and have smoked on and off (mainly on) for my adult life. It is time to quit and I am finally at the point in my life where I have a good, professional job, a partner who I live with and some experience behind me. I am currently on day 5. I have been through many quits in my previous couple of years. So it's difficult going forward with a positive attitude. But, this time I am going...

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  • Chance123

    Let the Cravings in

    Posted in Getting started 2 Aug 2018
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    This is probably my millionth quit in the last month or so of trying to. I am on day 2 and read something that I have found incredibly useful. When a craving hits, allow it to hit. Do not fight it. Accept it and accept that this is a how you SHOULD be feeling. Doing this makes the cravings bearable. You can look at the craving, accept it and move on to the next step. Trying to remember each day...

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