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  • Bej

    7 days in

    Posted in Getting started 17 Jan 2021

    I have been excited to write 7 days on this forum. I have been here many times before, what always gets me back onto cigarettes is that I don’t have cravings necessarily but reward thinking. Thanks to all of your stories, I have some real treasures in my belt now to stop that, for instance someone wrote of week three being hard and month three. Well, I have felt that in the past as well, but this...

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  • Bej


    Posted in Reasons to quit 1 Jan 2021

    I have really young kids, I smoked through both of my pregnancy’s, which is totally shameful, I cut back, absolutely, but that is just a justification that’s really just abhorrent. Sometimes I look at my kids and imagine putting a cigarette in their mouth and the shame is immense. I never smoke in front of my kids, but the other day my three year old told me I smelt funny and rubbed his nose ...

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