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  • Avidd3

    Making choices

    Posted in Quit experiences 16 Jan 2021

    <div> Long night, last night. Thoughts of lawsuits, homelessness and destroying the finances of my family. Still, I am very proud of myself: My usual go to was to turn on the TV (or iPhone) and watch until I passed out. This time, I walked around the house, ate an apple, put on an audio podcast and listened until I feel asleep. And I&nbsp;kept to my morning routine of rising early and journaling...

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  • Avidd3


    Posted in Quit experiences 13 Jan 2021

    <div> It has been an interesting week since I chose to transform my relationship&nbsp;with TV. The first few days saw me craving and caving (i.e., wanting to watch and letting myself indulge). Many of the days I watched less TV than usual and several of the days had me binging for hours on end. What I&nbsp;found interesting was noticing how my day was crafted around TV. Before joining here, I w...

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  • Avidd3

    I am unworthy...not really

    Posted in Getting started 4 Jan 2021

    <div> Before I share anything else, I must share that I am not a smoker. What I am is addicted to TV, and it is impacting my life in many of the same ways that I see smoking impacting the lives of those who smoke. I read about the efficacy of iCanQuit and figured that I could use much of the process to curb my TV watching. So, if you will have me, I am eager to contribute to the conversation a...

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