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  • Ravi

    Trying hard to Quit since 12 Jan 2018

    Posted in Staying quit 18 Jan 2018

    I just started quitting ...its been 5days.. I spent my first 3 days with my family completely..they gave me lot of support to quit. Now I have moved away from them to continue work at office. I am finding it a little hard...but some how I have to. Request your support and tips. Thanks, Ravi

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  • LindsayK

    Beating the half way demon

    Posted in Staying quit 21 Dec 2017

    I have quit smoking from 30 plus cigarettes a day for 40 years..and am now at the 10 month mark of my journey. I am one of those people who was able to quit so long as I knew I could smoke if I needed I kept tobacco handy wherever I my my car etc..but I havent touched it since my quit date..matter of fact I think its still in the little hiding spots I put it in (had to hi...

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  • butters1996

    66 Days and counting

    Posted in Staying quit 21 Nov 2017

    Hey all, How we all doing? So I'm 66 days smoke free today, it was a struggle to quit and stay quit for the first month but now its become a lot easier, I have been exercising regularly at the gym which helps take away frustration that smokes would usually take away! I did have my slip up in the first month for grand final but have not touched a smoke since, (and I got super sick that n...

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  • latarnya
    Hunter New England


    Posted in Staying quit 15 Oct 2017

    Well I celebrate my 66 day smoke free. Today I needed too chew nicotine gum cause cravings have been regular last few days. I have been trying to stop using patches.ohh please Mr nicotine LEAVE ME ALONE !!! I have been a smoker for 35years.Kicking this habit is hard work BUT the best thing I ever have done for myself....I feel gre...

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  • Drama72
    Nepean Blue Mountains

    Slip ups

    Posted in Staying quit 12 Aug 2017

    Hi everyone, I haven't been on this site for a while, which is probably why I have had a slip up recently. My son has been suspended from school after a long period of good behaviour. This put me over the edge. In two weeks I have had 6 cigarettes, some of them only a few puffs. But three days ago I bought a packet, still couldn't smoke any until the end. Today, I found myself trying to esca...

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  • Laniiii
    South Western Sydney

    Still going strong!

    Posted in Staying quit 25 Jul 2017

    From a pack a day smoker for five years, I am on day 43 of being quit. I still can't believe that I was able to find it within myself to quit. I feel so much better! 43 days ago wasn't my last cigarette, I have slipped up a couple of times when I'd be out with people that smoke and they offer me a smoke. But I would only have one smoke and I feel that has helped me quit permanently. I no longer ...

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  • Gaur

    Strength from others

    Posted in Staying quit 23 Jun 2017

    Hi Quitter fellows..... First time in life someone calling me a quitter making me feel proud. Guys I am on 45th day, with almost no craving at all, ya fe side effect of weight gain and craving for more sweet has established, but i know i can handle these side effect in time to come. important was to getaway from craving so with each craving i started eating food....snacks, candies, blah blah.....

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  • Chelle
    Central Coast

    Slip up

    Posted in Staying quit 31 May 2017

    21 days .... I have slipped up once, a week ago, it tasted so awful (being on the champix) that I had to go brush my teeth... champix are great for me some days I battle naseau but I don't care about that it's worth it! The slip up annoyed me but I have to just learn from it, it tasted awful and I got no hit was pointless! The cravings are still there but by no means like previous attempts when...

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  • Des M.
    Western NSW

    keeping on track

    Posted in Staying quit 30 May 2017

    Hi every body... firstly I would like to thank Kim and Johnnie for their comments on my earlier post and would like to send a message to anyone trying to quit but may have slipped up now and again. Please do not call this a failure,just get right back up there and start again as each time will get easier.Reading icanquit community posts every day will help you understand what other people are ...

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  • Lady_K

    Slipped up

    Posted in Staying quit 30 May 2017

    I slipped again after almost a year. I had to attend state exam and all of a sudden I found myself smoking again. I m really disappointed with myself because I am so weak but every time when it is to hard to push forward I turn to this site and find motivation and support. I hope I ll keep on track finding comfort in your stories of success and supporting others who are strong enough to make that...

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