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  • Hacksaw Harry
    Mid North Coast

    The Hard Times

    Posted in Staying quit 9 Nov 2019

    My brother died today. It was quite unexpected and not smoking related as far as we know. Actually it was yesterday he died but it is 4:30 AM and I haven't slept yet. Yes, smoking. To occupy my mind I started watching a movie. It was a period drama about the American civil war. At one point the action lets up and the hero pulls a pipe from his pocket, loads it and inhales the smoke. I could ...

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  • peterledbuy

    how i quit

    Posted in Staying quit 2 Nov 2019

    i started to quit about may, june this year. i have been a moderate to heavy smoker for over 46 years and i am 59 now. i started to vape and was using flavored nicotine ejuice and and after 2 months i am now vaping just flavored juice and totally enjoying the experiance. if you look at my facebook page you can see a video i have on there that show you the benifits of vaping and how it assist anyo...

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  • Dan76
    Illawarra Shoalhaven


    Posted in Staying quit 12 Oct 2019

    I just wanted to check in and let you know I am 10 days short of being smoke free for a whole year 😃 If you asked me a year ago if I would/could succeed I would have laughed.... but here we are and I truely couldn’t be prouder of myself! Thanks to willpower and Zyban!

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  • Ginger123
    Western NSW

    Over a month smoke free

    Posted in Staying quit 11 Oct 2019

    I’be got over a month behind me and looking forward to staying smoke free. Anytime my mind wanders to considering having a smoke I think of a big red stop sign and it’s worked really well. I know it’s my mind that will take me back to smoking. My physical health has improved so much. Whiter teeth, more stamina at the gym, warm hands and feet are all big benefits so far. I’ve gained a bit of weigh...

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  • Safe2017

    888 days and counting

    Posted in Staying quit 3 Sep 2019

    Still staying smoke free and vigilant. No more cravings to speak of. Actually, sometimes I wander why I was addicted to cigarettes begin with and that’s a dangerous territory for me. Thus, I have to practice NOPE mantra - not one puff ever. To those who are just starting out and still fighting your nicodemons believe in your inner strength because this is one fight is worth winning.

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  • Darren76

    Green tea

    Posted in Staying quit 17 Aug 2019
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    I smoked for 25 years. I did some research on the internet and discovered that green tea is very helpful when quitting smoking. When your having a craving green tea Works amazing and it keeps me calm. I highly recommend drinking green tea because it works for me. I quit smoking on Sunday August 11th 2019 and I feel so much better. Darren 76

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  • jenp52
    Hunter New England

    my 4th day

    Posted in Staying quit 11 Aug 2019

    This is about my 10th attempt to quit, i am on day 4 and so far i am feeling okay just seem to have more of an appetite. Hang in there if i can quit anyone can. I have an operation coming up and i want to quit to have it done

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  • tough as


    Posted in Staying quit 14 Jul 2019

    hi I can quit community, I don't post often but I read all your stories all the time . I am now a happy non smoker I am amazed at the freedom I have gained, you don't realise how isolated you really are as a smoker ,the money you save is amazing . I have gained so much from being a non smoker the benefits are awesome .thank you to all in this great community for your help, and to all the new non...

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  • HolyCow

    Pulmonary embolisms

    Posted in Staying quit 11 Jun 2019

    It’s just not worth it! On Friday morning 7/6, I woke up with severe pains to the right side of my chest and back it’s all a very long story but I’m actually being treated in a clinic with depression, the result of my wife trying to commit suicide 7 weeks ago! I couldn’t get the vision out of my head so I went to the bottle in an attempt to block it out. After 4 weeks my situation declined imme...

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  • BethP

    Another anniversary

    Posted in Staying quit 10 Jun 2019

    Hi everyone. I want to apologize to all of you. I haven't been able to be on here lately to lend support. Trying to get ready to move has kept me busy. Tomorrow (6/10) is the 6 month anniversary of the day I had my last cigarette. I couldn't have done it without all of you . You're an amazing group of people. I have had some ups and downs the last half year, but I haven't smoked and for that I a...

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