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  • FreshAirOK
    Hunter New England

    One whole year today

    Posted in Staying quit 27 Apr 2020

    Hi everyone. I'm here to report that I've hit the one year milestone. I'm so happy. I feel healthier and am proud of myself for breaking a 45 year habit. I still read posts here but not as much as I used to in the beginning when I was checking in every hour or so. The support here is amazing so realize all of you how important the support is here. The first 3 months were the hardest mainly the ph...

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  • Soul & Heart

    My Journey

    Posted in Staying quit 21 Apr 2020

    Greetings all. I have been viewing this wonderful community for weeks. Has been very helpful with my journey of staying smoke free. Decided it was time I joined. Maybe my story can help others and I can offer support. I have been smoke free for a week and a half. After smoking for roughly twenty years. Couldn't even say why I decided to quit. My last pack was running low and I never bothered to b...

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  • Sandinhand
    South Western Sydney

    Feeling proud

    Posted in Staying quit 15 Apr 2020

    Been 12 days smoke free now went cold turkey after smoking for 23 years. Had some hard days but feeling proud and committed to NOPE.

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  • mandella
    Mid North Coast


    Posted in Staying quit 14 Apr 2020

    G'day all, checking in again, 10 weeks smoke free today, who would've thought after 53 years of slavery to nicotine and the thought processes of getting that next cigarette.These days i only think about smoking once in a while and its only after food, not every time i eat but every now and then. I deal with it by focussing on where i am now and who i'm emerging as. These days i'm more confident, ...

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  • penelopejane

    Birthday Wishes

    Posted in Staying quit 8 Apr 2020

    I quit one year ago. I found this site most helpful when I was struggling. I didn't fight smoking thoughts. I surfed them like riding a wave. I did tai chi too. I would take the smoking thought into a ball near my chest and then push the thought into the room. then I would do something for ten minutes. I did lots of colouring-in. Then I used the coloured pictures to make origami boxes. I knit and...

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  • Gerdus

    Day 11

    Posted in Staying quit 8 Apr 2020

    Hey everyone, I've posted my story on day 4 and today i feel like its time to check in with everyone and tell you about my progress. I'm officially 10 days without smoking and I'm so proud of myself but today on day 11 smoking is the only thing I can think of. I woke up this morning with a little brain fog. My emotions throughout these 10 days are intense I experience extreme highs and lows. I k...

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  • Gsry
    Nepean Blue Mountains

    Still of smoking

    Posted in Staying quit 5 Apr 2020

    Hi everyone I hope everyone is doing well at this time. Just to let you know I am doing great I am coming up to 6 months since I gave up smoking on the 10th of this month. I feel great and my doctor is so happy for me. And what keeps me on track is the support I get from you at I can quit family. So thank you all. Gary Thompson

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  • sssal
    Hunter New England

    Will Power..Stay Strong

    Posted in Staying quit 3 Apr 2020

    Smoked for over 3o years,struggled with asthma & breathing.Mind over matter,finally decided within myself to STOP..Hard decision when your partner smokes but I needed to do this for me..So Proud of myself,10 months smoke free!!Truly amazing..Husband still smokes,I can actually sit with him while he's smoking & feel Great..

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  • Zen Calm


    Posted in Staying quit 2 Apr 2020
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    Water and meditation. Thanks for replies - Today has been a bit of a blah day. Headaches, feel like it’s early morning when it’s 5.30pm! Weird. Think I will take patch off tonight and get a good nights sleep, put it on early in the morning. Felt like I had gremlins in my head, I’m squashing them more each day. Anyone else had similar experiences? I am embracing these feelings as my jou...

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  • PV

    300 Days

    Posted in Staying quit 1 Apr 2020

    300 days today! Feeling very proud of myself right now. I was going to say I was lucky I quit when I did, but it wasnt luck. It took a lot of willpower and strength. Its better to say I was fortunate with the timing due to Covid 19 and all. Not just dropping out of a high risk category, but money wise with what is happening with economies at the moment. Things are going well. I may occasionally...

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