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  • DAB57

    3 Years Quit

    Posted in Quit experiences 23 Jun 2021

    Hello my quit forum friends, how are you all? It has been a while since I have posted, but I do like to pop in and hear about every ones experiences. Many of you have been long timers like Happiness et al, who give 100% support to all the newcomers, to all those who might be struggling and also to those like myself who have been quit for a longer period. In saying that I would like to send a spe...

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  • MarshaMarsha

    Stay Strong!

    Posted in Quit experiences 13 Jun 2021

    Once I realized how much I’ve been lied to by “the powers that be”, I have been free. Today is Day... hmm don’t even know... I quit on April 28th... not one puff, not one gum, not one vape, totally cold turkey...smoked for...hmm... 50-14... whatever that is... don’t want to get caught up in “numbers”.... I’ve put on a few pounds which is ok with me and I’m aware of it.... I’ve noticed my energy i...

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  • Shekwits
    Northern NSW

    I made it through

    Posted in Quit experiences 6 Jun 2021

    So Stopping nicotene this time has been very different from other quit attempts that I've made over the years.. One of the keys to my current success has been reading alot about other people's stories - their success, their challenges, insight and experience. I also joined online forums. So good to feel supported and to feel that i was not alone! When i was feeling sick and tired during with...

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  • Bej

    150 days quit today

    Posted in Quit experiences 4 Jun 2021

    Hello everyone, I got a reminder on my phone today that I was 150 days clean off cigarettes and alcohol. But I think on checking this site it’s actually 144. After my last post I hit a really difficult period with the “junkie thinking”, autumn had settled in, it was getting cooler and I couldn’t put my finger on why on EARTH with all the benefits I was feeling why I was constantly thinkin...

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  • Soren

    First week down!

    Posted in Quit experiences 4 Jun 2021

    First week recap: Status: Married, 3 kids(9,7,3) My wife is a non-smoker, hates that I smoke, and is pretty much taking charge with everything while I become useless and suffer through the withdraws. She's very supportive, and gave me the okay to pretty much do anything that I needed to stop smoking. I'm 32 years old. I smoke about a pack and a half - 2 packs a day. Longest time I've quit ...

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  • Lia

    Stick with the plan

    Posted in Quit experiences 2 Jun 2021

    Today is my 6 year and 1 day anniversary of being quit. Too busy trying to squander the $55 000 saved from the ash tray. (Not much luck there.) Nearly forgot! On these annual anniversaries, I think of those who responded to my posts and encouraged me when this quit journey had just started and was all so new to me. I hope the early responders are still smoke free. And, may all those just starting...

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  • Poco
    Mid North Coast

    6 months quit

    Posted in Quit experiences 2 Jun 2021

    Its been 6 months today, still as dedicated as when i started. Breathing easier, more energy. Cant picture myself going back to smoking any time soon. Stay headstrong.

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  • Gemma23

    Come and go

    Posted in Quit experiences 26 May 2021

    Cravings come and go so fast you get over them and then wonder what it is all about. The big fuse of smoking. If you can get on the other side of a craving which is a mear thought really then you will succeed If you are determined to become a non smoker then you will. Getting easier to over come cravings.. ✅✅😁😊😊💪

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  • matik_one

    1 year

    Posted in Quit experiences 26 May 2021

    Hi guys, so proud and happy to announce I have achieved 1 year smoke free life.. It's hard to believe, that I was able to manage to stay smoke free even all circumstances called life.. But I did it and I do not regret anything, I’m just happy and I learnt a lot during this way.. Learnt about myself, how to live peacefully, easy and recognise just important things in my life and focus on them.. I ...

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  • Rain 369


    Posted in Quit experiences 26 May 2021
    1 Comment

    I just wanted to share my experience of quitting smoking. Don't know why but today I have a lot of anxiety. First let me tell you my quit day was rather forced on me. I had a hart attack on 15 April. No surgery needed, 3 stints in me now. I had been a smoker for a solid 30 years (I'm 55 and live in the US) and smoked a 1/2 pack a day for the last 8 years. After no smokes for the first 5 day...

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