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  • Norulz1122

    Time to do this

    Posted in Getting started 25 Jan 2020

    I’m 52 and started smoking from the age of 15. I’m an asthmatic with heart arrhythmia and not doing myself any favours to my health or the back pocket for that matter. Tried on numerous accounts without success. Smoking has taken its toll over the years and not sure if it’s failure that’s stopped me trying over again or the fact after a meal, coffee or stressed a cigarette is my best friend. Coll...

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  • DH2424

    It's hard but liberating

    Posted in Getting started 22 Jan 2020

    I'am 24 going on 25 years old and i have gone a full day without smoking. At certain points it was hard but i'm remembering how my father died of Lung Cancer and how it was now affecting me as well negatively. A strong support team and the urge to not want to smell or taste like crap really moved to do this and i really want to never have one again :) I can't wait for the upcoming days, weeks ...

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  • Jodes10
    Hunter New England

    Baby steps.

    Posted in Getting started 21 Jan 2020

    Hi guys, Im only at the very beginning of my quiting journey. Its been 3 days since i had my last cigarette (feels like longer lol). Im using patches, which actually seem to be helping a teeny bit. I definitely feel better than what i did when i attempted to quit cold Turkey a few months ago. I've needed to quit for a long time due to my health, but the stress of everything i had going on m...

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  • tigerjim
    Northern Sydney

    I'm Worried I Can't Do This

    Posted in Getting started 17 Jan 2020

    Hi, I'm 51 years old & have been a smoker for over 30 years. I gave up abt 15 years ago for 9 months but relapsed & have been smoking a pack a day since. I have bought patches & gum & plan to start my quit campaign this Monday (20/1/20). I'm really concerned about whether I can do this, I don't have a strong will power but I really want to quit. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Th...

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  • Sonnaluv
    South Western Sydney


    Posted in Getting started 17 Jan 2020

    It's funny that my reminder email from you guys can just as I'm smoking my possibly last ciggy (I hope). I dropped my pack this morning in the rain so have 3 wet ones I will save for moments of terrible stress. I also may have done a bad job in cutting down and still had smoked 25 yesterday!!! It was a bad day. But we shall see what today brings. I've got a list that covers as many pag...

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  • ShellsWA


    Posted in Getting started 14 Jan 2020

    Day 4 into no yucky smokes but the momster is in my head I haven't got cravings as such just the demon in my head. I tell him to go and annoy some one else I don't want or need you near me. Does anyone else have or had this problem. How long does it last felling strong but frustrated

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  • Leeann
    Central Coast

    Small Beginnings

    Posted in Getting started 12 Jan 2020

    Hi all, just a small note to stay I'm on track. Early days but feeling very positive day 1 of week 2, wow the first week didn't drag as much as I thought it would. I have set myself targets and goals for the year, nothing unrealistic just focusing on where I've been before non smoking as appossed to smoking and more visits at the gym as appossed to less visits and which categories make me feel my...

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  • sueshi

    Beginning again

    Posted in Getting started 10 Jan 2020

    Hey everyone, I am on day 4 of my quit, with nicotine patches, 14 milligram. So far, I feel okay. A couple of strong urges, but Ive been able to handle them. This is my second attempt to quit. I quit 3 years ago for a year, and lost my quit. I wasnt ready, I guess. Not quite sure why it failed, but here I am again. Dr said my cholesterol was high and I know smoking is not helping that, so I made ...

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  • PuffNoMore
    Southern NSW


    Posted in Getting started 9 Jan 2020

    Hi Guys, I have a Quit effort on my horizon. This ICanQuit website has been giving me ideas and motivation over the past month or so. And after seeing so many people Quit lately they have helped me regain my self belief to succeed this time. Why not me? This will be my turn and my time! I cant lie as I do have some fear and trepidation as my Quit gets closer, and unfortunately my smoking has...

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  • Collystop

    No Matter What

    Posted in Getting started 8 Jan 2020

    Day 3..seems easier than yesterday,however still early in the day. Hard times seems to be for me late arvo when I would enjoy a wine or a beer and a ciggie. Gonna stay focussed and strong and get through today. My first target/goal is seven days so I am on track. Good luck to those embarking on this journey and congrats to those who have succeeded. I choose not to smoke and will not put one in my...

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