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  • Andrew_P

    Very Hard Journey

    Posted in Quit experiences 22 Jan 2020

    Quit Experience - Month Five. I am Fifty Two Years old and have been a two pack a day smoker since i was 15 Years Old. I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer in September 2019. I immediately quit smoking. I was so scared that I was going to die that smoking was not always on my mind. However after months I still wanted to smoke and always fixated on smoking. I can say the desire to smoke has l...

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  • Robn

    Price rise

    Posted in Reasons to quit 21 Jan 2020

    Hi All, we have just had another price rise in Australia...12.5%....wow. We are paying the highest of any country in the world. Makes you wonder how anyone in Aus can afford to smoke, but people always seem to find the money to do so. Really sad that people will pay so much to destroy their health and self esteem. Stay focused and strong......there is no good reason to keep smoking x

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  • Jodes10
    Hunter New England

    Baby steps.

    Posted in Getting started 21 Jan 2020

    Hi guys, Im only at the very beginning of my quiting journey. Its been 3 days since i had my last cigarette (feels like longer lol). Im using patches, which actually seem to be helping a teeny bit. I definitely feel better than what i did when i attempted to quit cold Turkey a few months ago. I've needed to quit for a long time due to my health, but the stress of everything i had going on m...

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  • gfitz

    struggling with insomnia

    Posted in Quit experiences 20 Jan 2020

    hi im new to this group. i am 23 days and 5 hours smoke free!! 😀 I was sick over Christmas and had a health scare and decided my health and family were my priority and i quit smokong Cold Turkey. iv been doing really great besides 1 Massive issue and thats Insomnia. For the last 2 weeks i have been getting 2 hours sleep a night. i am going to sleep easy and fine but its the issue of staging...

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  • PiyushInd

    Keep Fighting

    Posted in Staying quit 20 Jan 2020

    Hi. This is my first ever visit to any of such community threads about smoking\noctine addiction. I am 31 and had been smoking from last 13 years. I have been 38 days smoke free today (cold turkey) and I can assure you if you can sail through the first 2 weeks, it would be way easier going ahead. I have tried quitting before and had been successfull in being a non smoker for 1.5 years. A carel...

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  • Leeann
    Central Coast

    2 Weeks in and going strong

    Posted in Staying quit 19 Jan 2020

    Hi all. Today is the first day of week 3. I was a bit sick during the week with mouth ulcers and body aches, I chalked that one down to the changes of quitting. I am honestly finding my quit relatively easy, I know all to well it's early days but I can honestly say I'm not suffering mind games or head battles as I'm done with smoking and know there is nothing to miss. I'm keen as to hit the next ...

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  • HMT

    Not getting easier

    Posted in Quit experiences 18 Jan 2020

    So.... as of tomorrow night at 10.18pm, it will be 4 weeks since my last cigarette. Whilst I am pleased to say that during that time I have had quite a few dramas outside my control and survived them without reaching for a cigarette. For that, I am proud. I am on Champix but only taking the tablet in the morning as the dreams that I was having was waaay too much and I found it hard to get to slee...

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  • Jill67

    Tough Love Time

    Posted in Staying quit 18 Jan 2020

    Today I am 3 weeks smoke free and while I am angry at times, depressed, struggling...I know in my heart there is no going back, and after these three weeks, I no longer want to...but it wasn’t easy. Lately I have read about people waffling, questioning their resolve, even relapsing, and it has made me more angry for how much junkie thinking we have all bought into that would make us feel unsucce...

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  • tigerjim
    Northern Sydney

    I'm Worried I Can't Do This

    Posted in Getting started 17 Jan 2020

    Hi, I'm 51 years old & have been a smoker for over 30 years. I gave up abt 15 years ago for 9 months but relapsed & have been smoking a pack a day since. I have bought patches & gum & plan to start my quit campaign this Monday (20/1/20). I'm really concerned about whether I can do this, I don't have a strong will power but I really want to quit. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Th...

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  • Rhee
    Western Sydney

    Help me

    Posted in Hints and tips 17 Jan 2020

    Hey peoples so this is the hardest thing for me to do I try and fail try and fail please help I want to quit I do but I just don't now even having a ciggy I just let it burn away most of the time I get out of breath I tried patches alone bit I feel l need something more please someone advice is good either pleasant or harsh all is welcomed

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