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Social Smoking and Binge Smoking

The Dangers of Irregular Smoking

If you see yourself as a low-level or occasional smoker, you probably fall into one of these categories:

The Social Smoker

Someone who tends to only smoke in social settings, like at the pub or when out with friends.

The Binge Smoker

Someone who smokes a lot more at certain times than others, such as at the weekend.

The Low-Level Smoker

Someone who only smokes a few cigarettes a day or just smokes occasionally.

If you identify as one of the above, you might think you’re not doing yourself any harm because you’re not a regular or heavy smoker – but here’s the truth:

There is NO safe level of smoking.

Even if you smoke occasionally or just on weekends, you are still a smoker – and the health dangers of low level smoking are serious and significant.

The Health Effects of Irregular Smoking: Do You Know the Real Risk?

  • Smoking just 1-4 cigarettes a day almost triples your risk of dying from heart disease or lung cancer.
  • Light and intermittent smokers have nearly the same risk of cardiovascular disease as people who smoke daily.
  • Occasional male smokers are 60% more likely to die earlier than non-smoking males.
  • Low-level female smokers typically lose 4-6 years of their life compared to non-smoking females.
  • Non-daily (social) smokers who still smoke over 3 packs a month are just as likely to still be smoking after 14 years as daily smokers.


Have you ever thought ‘Just a few won’t do any harm’ or ‘I’m not really addicted?’  If so, it’s time to challenge those ideas and be aware of the real risks associated with social smoking.

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