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The Effects of Smoking Around Children

How Does Smoking Impact Your Child?

If you’re a smoker who has children, it’s important to understand the risks of passive smoking on young people.

Children are particularly at risk of health problems as a result of breathing in the smoke from a smoker’s cigarette.

Evidence shows that children of parents who smoke may have:

  • An increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS or cot death)
  • A greater chance of respiratory infections, such as bronchitis, bronchiolitis and pneumonia
  • An increased risk of slower lung growth
  • An increased risk of middle ear diseases
  • An increased risk of wheezing, coughing and breathlessness
  • An increased likelihood of becoming a smoker themselves

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Can I reduce the risk of passive smoking on my children?

You might think that by smoking outside, you’ll eliminate the risk of passive smoking to your children or others in the home. However, this does not appear to be true.

Reports have shown that nicotine levels in children’s hair are still high, even if their parents smoke outside. This may be due to:

  • Leaving windows or doors open
  • Smoke entering the house as the smoker steps inside
  • Children being exposed to clothes with smoke particles on them

As you can see, even though it’s better than smoking inside, smoking outside does not eliminate the risk of passive smoking for children. Have a look at the Passive Smoking section to find out more.

The only way to prevent your children from being exposed to the risks of passive smoking is to quit smoking altogether – and by quitting, you’ll be setting a good example for your children too.

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