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How Much Money Could You Save By Quitting?

It’s not hard to figure out that quitting smoking is good for your finances.

After all, cigarettes cost money – so every dollar you would have spent on a packet ends up as extra money in your pocket instead.

But have you ever thought about how much money you could actually save by becoming a non-smoker?

Doing the Sums on Smoking

Time to crunch the numbers! Let’s say you’re a packet-a-day smoker and spend $21 on cigarettes each day.

What You Save

What You Could Spend It On…

$ 147 per week

  • A nice meal out

  • New clothes

$630 per month

  • A weekend away

  • A brand new TV

$7665 per year

  • Home renovations

  • A luxury cruise

$38,325 in 5 years

  • An all-expenses-paid, dream family holiday

  • A car or boat

$76,650 in 10 years

  • Paying off a big chunk of your mortgage

  • Part of a deposit on a new unit

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Try It

A great way of seeing how much you’re saving is to keep a ‘savings jar’ for all the money you would have spent on cigarettes – you might need to switch to a savings bank account before long!

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