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Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Quit Smoking and Improve Your Health

Did you know that your health begins to improve from the moment you quit smoking?

From that time on, your body undergoes a series of positive changes that will continue for years to come – and the ongoing benefits for your health are truly incredible.

Check out the dramatic improvements in store for your health once you put out that last cigarette

Time Since You Quit

Health Benefits

20 minutes

  • Your resting heart rate has already reduced (this is a key indicator of your overall fitness level)

12 hours

  • The carbon monoxide level in your blood has decreased dramatically
  • Oxygen levels in your blood have improved

2 – 12 weeks

  • You now have a lower risk of heart attack
  • Your circulation is better
  • You find exercise much easier
  • Your lung function has improved

1-9 months

  • You now cough less and have fewer instances of shortness of breath

1 year

  • Your risk of coronary heart disease is now about half that of someone who continues to smoke

5 years

  • You have a dramatically reduced risk of mouth, throat and oesophagus cancer
  • Your risk of stroke has significantly reduced

10  years

  • Your risk of lung cancer is less than half that of a continuing smoker
  • You have less risk of developing bladder, kidney and pancreatic cancer

15 years

  • Your risk of coronary heart disease and death is approximately the same as someone who has never smoked


You can improve your health as soon as you quit smoking – so why not start today?

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Benefits of Quitting Smoking at Different Ages

When you read statistics about smoking, the reality behind the facts can sometimes be hard to relate to. But as research on smoking has been conducted over a long period of time across a large number of smokers, it provides an accurate picture of the likelihood of a situation.

For this reason, the facts about smoking – and the benefits of quitting – give a very real insight into how quitting can make a big difference to your future.

The following facts about quitting smoking at different ages show that, no matter what age you quit, your body has a remarkable ability to heal when you give it the chance!

If you quit smoking by…

Here’s what happens…

30 years of age

  • Your life expectancy is similar to that of someone who has never smoked

40 years of age

  • You avoid around 90% of the risk of dying early

  • You add 9 years to your life compared to continued smokers

50 years of age

  • You reduce your risk of dying early by around 50%

  • You add 6 years to your life compared to continued smokers

60 years of age

  • You gain around 3 years of extra life compared to continued smokers

  • You reduce your risk of getting lung cancer by approximately 50% compared to continuing smokers

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