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Willpower Strategies to Help You Quit Smoking

Getting in Touch with Your Willpower

This easy-to-do exercise is a great way to start developing your willpower to quit smoking. Try it now!

Think about a previous attempt to quit smoking. What might you have told yourself at that time, and how did those willpower thoughts help you successfully get through a craving?

In other words, if you ever had a craving to smoke, what did you say to yourself to reduce the urge or manage it?

If nothing worked in this situation – or if this is your first quit smoking attempt – think what might help if you’re faced with a challenge like this.

Now, write down the thought(s) that helped you at that time, or that you think may help you with your quit attempt.

Everyone has their own personal thoughts that might help them quit smoking for good. These thoughts could be something like:

“I am just not going to have a cigarette”

“I’ve come this far; I’m not going back now”

“I’m quitting smoking for my child”

How did you go? Have you been able to jot down one or two thoughts of your own?

You can use these ideas to start building your willpower skills, which you can use on your quit smoking journey. And the more willpower strategies you add and practice, the more you’ll strengthen your willpower muscle!

Quit Tip: It’s a good idea to keep this list handy so you can add to it when you find a willpower strategy you like.

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